4to4 Week 4

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Workout schedule

Monday – Wife off work so no workout

Tuesday – Cross-training – 150m swim

Run- 6 mile Tempo @9:30 min/mile

Wednesday – 10 x 400m @ 1:50

4 x 800 @ 3:50

Thursday – Run- 6 mile Tempo @9:30/mile

Friday – 12 miles @ 10 min/mile

Saturday – weights and yoga stretches

Sunday – stretches and rest

Meditation 40 minutes daily

I will see if I can get my road bike working this week so I can expand my crosstraining to include rides. The pool is getting colder and I am not sure how much longer I can keep swimming. Last year I swam for awhile after runs but it was the cold on my head that stopped me from continuing. No fat there makes it really painful to swim in cold water. I will also look into an insulated hood from a scuba suit (if there is such a thing) because I really need the swim practice and I can not afford a fitness center pass.

My largest barrier continuing forward is getting past my own thoughts on speed. I am constantly holding myself back when I run for fear of burnout or injury or overtraining. Unfortunately this has transmitted into my mentality on raceday. I have started looking at this thought process and I hope to change it come raceday into something more productive. I can go faster than I have been going and I know it. I was always looking at it as just another run before. Now, it is a race. The rest is training. I need to trust that all my training will have the effect of running faster for longer than I do during the training. This next marathon is going to be something different for me. Pardon me while I go out to train now.


Thankful Thursday

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I did not post my workout this week. There is a reason, it is not working. I know I set goals for this month, but I do not think those goals were working for me. I did not include enough down time. It was in the back of my mind but I was on a roll. Going forward, I will be doing:
Monday – intervals
Tuesday – tempo
Wednesday – AM heat run
– PM intervals
Thursday – cross-training
Friday – long slow 70%HR
Saturday – long slow 80%HR
Sunday – rest day
Each day will include 45 minutes of core and strength.
Nutrition will continue to be juice. I include electrolyte gels, pre-workout, and recovery Vega drinks on my longer runs and I avoid products that have caffeine.

I am thankful that I came to the realization of the unrealistic schedule I had tried. I need to be able to be with my children and wife during the day and that previous schedule would have wiped me out so much that I would not be physically able to be present around them.
I am thankful I am able to be with my family as much as I am right now. I am thankful for the weather here. I want to run Badwater someday and this weather is perfect for training for that race.
I am thankful that I can even think about running in such a race. I am thankful that my Garmin has not completely died yet (even though the thing sometimes records that my HR is 225 even though I have only been working out for 45 seconds).
I am grateful for my friends. I am grateful to have known the father of one of my friends who passed away this last week. My thoughts and prayers are with my friend and his family even more these days.
I am grateful for all the blogs I read every day. I love the ideas and information I get. I am also grateful for getting to know all these people from all over the world. I feel that I am better for knowing all of them.
I am grateful I have found pre made roasted peppers. Roasting them myself would be fine but my wife is allergic and just cooking them could cause a reaction. Finding the canned ones to add to my hummus has really alleviated that burden.
Thank you all for reading. Sending you Light and Love.

June 5

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I ran during the day today. A tempo run. Wow, that was interesting. Running in heat and doing a tempo. Tempo runs are running with a slow warm-up, a challenging paced run, and a slow cool down. Today I ran for 12 minutes at 75% max HR, 40 minutes at 80-90% max HR, and 10 minutes cool down at 75% max HR. This, on top of 95 degree temperatures when I left (102 when I got home) made for a lot of fun in the sun. Fortunately, this is June. Our humidity is about 20% and we had a little wind (10% today) at this time, so it is way more comfortable to run in these temperatures than it will be in a month. Running in July and August, one feels like a potato in a running microwave (including the possibility of one’s head exploding as it would in a real microwave). Tonight’s plan is another short run, about 5k. Nothing special planned except to keep HR around 80%.
Happy National Running Day! I would have taken advantage of the special for PF Chang’s in 2014 but it is summer and income is limited right now. I had been looking for Hammer Nutrition because it is vegan and I had an epiphany, RoadRunner Sports, duh. They have the individual gel packs but not the larger bottles so I will still need to go online for those. They are a much better deal (26 servings for 19.99 compared to 1.49 per packet) and RoadRunner has a special on their website on Hammer products right now. These are helpful for the ultra as well as when I start tri training.

I ran on Running day. Did anyone else?