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Thursday Quickie

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I spent yesterday working in my spare bathroom. The toilet broke over the weekend. I discovered a large crack that went through the tank from top to bottom. Apparently the previous owners ran into the same problem but just applied porcelain paint rather than actually fixing it. The patch lasted for more than eight years but I would rather have it fixed for goodso we replaced the toilet. in the process of replacing it, I realized I needed to paint behind the tank so I had to stop and do that. I made 2 trips to the store for paint and supplies then I had to go back again because the wax ring for the toilet was too small to fit the toilet into the pipe on the floor. I know this is all real interesting but this is what you get when I am just writing to write (sorry).

I have lost 8 pounds since November 12th. 12 more to go.

I got in core working out yesterday and a mile of running. I have cut down on my food intake but I have not recorded how much exactly. That will be a task for next week.
I hope to get a lot done today so I can go for a 23 mile run (10:00 pace) tomorrow. My workout goal for next week is two workouts each day alternating tempo and intervals.

Hope you all have a better than great Thursday!

Where the hell have you been Wednesday.

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I have been missing the iPad. I wrote some blog/journal entries over the last couple of weeks. I just either did not put them on the computer or in writing at all. I still write blog entries in my head but they tend to not get published because my brain seems to have no urgency to rewrite them once they have been finished. I used to be able to just write my blog on the iPad when I was out anywhere so, yeah, I miss that. the last month has been difficult both in the cleaning and the workout arenas. I was mulling this over a couple weeks ago while my kids were playing at the mall and I decided on a new course of action. I set upon a plan to lose 20 pounds in 60 days. This begins today, November 13, 2013 and ends January 12, 2014.

I outlined a method similar to the one I laid out last year in Time for Weight Loss. Since I am not working I had to add items for  keeping busy so I would not just sit around the house on the computer and snacking. Yard work, cleaning the garage, house work and just keeping moving are a big part of the things I need to focus on. I have also got more specific exercises for building core. I can designate specific time each day to core exercises and weights.

I have been working on the mental blocks to working out and pushing myself farther. Still working on it but I have gotten past those blocks many times in the last few months by just forcing the run/workouts. I need to do it more consistently.

This weekend I will be volunteering at the Ironman AZ in the hopes of getting into the race for next year. It should be a great time.

March is the Old Pueblo Ultra (50 miles) near Tucson. I can’t wait for that!

Sleep has been sporadic lately. My daughter has been getting up anywhere between 12:30 and 4:30 each night. This explains part of my lack of posts as well as my mental disorganization and my overall sluggishness. Hopefully this will level off. My kids slept until after 5 today so I am feeling a little more awake and focused. I have found it a bit easier to meditate when I am getting sleep too. That has helped my meditation be more productive in the lsat couple days too. I need to cut this short so I can actually get to bed at a decent time tonight.

Thank you for reading. I am grateful to you all.



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I have noticed that as I stopped blogging regularly about my juicing, I started eating food. I will have been eating a bit of food each of the last three days. Has not really affected my performance but I want to get the effects of a longer term juice/smoothie fast. I will begin today. 30 days of juice and smoothies. Care to join me?

Magic Bullet

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So as I have mentioned in past posts, I bought a Ninja to make my smoothies. The price is a major fact in my decision but it works really well in breaking down the veggies into tiny bits. The downside is that it is not very smooth. A bit like I would imagine drinking a glass of sand with some tasty bits of coconut thrown in. A couple days ago I found a magic bullet for $15 on clearance. I had looked at this little tool before but the cups were too small to be of use and Consumer Reports did not even list this as a blender (it is a chopper). Their review was less than stellar but they did say that it is very good at pureeing. I figured, $15 is worth the risk. This thing takes the chopped mess a Ninja creates and turns it into a real smoothie! I am thrilled. I can now wait a little more comfortably for the VitaMix money to accrue and the prospect of drinking a glass of chlorophyll is not quite so daunting.

*These are my opinions based on experience and this is not a sponsored post, but I would not be offended if VitaMix reps were to offer me a VitaMix machine to test and review :)*

Juice Fast Day 11

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On a whim, I stepped on the scale this morning. Let me start by saying that I have not run much since the half marathon in January. I have been doing core workouts and cardio weights every day.
I have been doing push-ups, pull-ups, flutter kicks, barrel rolls, trunk twists, leg lifts and twists from the pull–up bar.

The only real change is the juicing. I weighed myself the day I started and I was at 182, up a bit since my weight loss challenge but still down 14 from October. It was expected without the running like before the race. I actually expected a bit more but my clothes had been fitting so it made sense. since the race, I changed to a vegan diet and then to juicing and I have noticed marked differences in my mood and energy levels. No more coffee. No more meat (fish, chicken, beef, etc), animal milk products, or eggs. Salads for dinner and pita with hummus for lunch until I started the juice fast.

The scale today said 176. One pound up from November. Not bad. Now, P90X and running to kick it into gear. Old Pueblo Ultramarathon in Tucson, according to Sir Who-Complains-A-Lot-More-Than-My-Little-Girl, next February. I still want to qualify next January. We will see.

Juice Fast Day 5 & 6

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Unable to do breakfast smoothies in the morning on the weekends. I did not think about the noise of this blender. I also realize I am unable to juice after the kids go to bed. I have been mixing 2 batches in the evening now. Fortunately, I had made enough juice to have breakfast on both days 5 and 6.
Day 5
1 beet
1 avocado
1.5 cup cabbage
1 apple
1 cucumber
1 small orange
2 tsp spirulina
.5 cup blueberry juice
1 cup coconut
2 cups coconut mango water

This is excellent! Left over from Day 4.

Drank the rest of #19 during the day.

2 cups yams
6 strawberries
.25 cup fresh basil
3 cups coconut water
1 cup orange juice
1 tsp spirulina

This was the best juice yet. I drank 72 ounces for dinner.

Day 6
I drank leftovers today. About 65 ounces of juice. I am doing well with this. I will go longer on this fast. Probably another week. I got the P90X DVDs this week so I will begin this regimen once I have the tools at hand. I am excited.
I have increased my daily routine of exercise to include more core exercises and I have been doing cardio weights again. I will start including my workouts as I start blogging about fitness again.

Juice Fast Day 4

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Breakfast – #18

1 T maca powder

2 c spinach

1 c almond milk (not the one with coconut)

.5 c almonds

.5 c pepitas

.5 c pineapple

1 c ice

1T chia seeds (added right before drinking so I do not get pudding)

This one was great although the texture was a bit grainy. Perhaps too much spinach. I would still recommend this one.

It is easier today but I find I have to force myself to drink as I am not feeling as hungry now. No cravings for anything and I do not really miss chewing food. I will go back to food so I can eat with my children and because a lot fo the nutrients I need for fitness are better obtained through a variety of foods like rice, beans, lentils, etc.

I will continue to drink smoothies for morning meals because it is easier than avoiding anything then paying for it later.No coffee and no crash in the afternoon is a bonus! I know that I will also need to increase my nutrient intake as I get into my training for the marathon and then the Ironman. Right now, I find that I can take this slow and steady. Increasing my tolerance for both the social and behavioral aspects of a plant-strong diet. Putting myself back into the mindset that I do not give a crap what anyone else thinks is a key component to this. I am headed in a good direction. I think I will go meditate then go to bed.


Juice Fast Day 3

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I started my juice-only stretch a couple days ago. I have kept it up apart from imbibing some hummus the first day to make room in my fridge at work for my juice bottles (hummus is basically created the same way I make my smoothies, ran through the blender, so no biggie).
This fast is for 7 days. I am supplementing with maca powder, chia, and spirulina for protein.

Day 1
Went really well. I can do this easy. I started making a morning smoothie to bring with me in lieu of the coffee I used to pick up on the way to work. I am not falling asleep anymore in the afternoon. I like the feeling of wakefulness that goes with the juice. Even before the juice, I felt good with vegan snacks.

Day 2
Lots of thoughts about eating foods because they might go bad. The good thing is, the whole wheat pita I have holds well for several weeks without losing freshness or growing mold. My automatic behavior at work has been to go for something to snack on and I had to catch myself a couple times. That stuff is gone now. I found that I needed to drink far more juice than I anticipated, about a gallon. I was not hungry late though. Each time I was hungry, I just drank more juice.

Day 3
About the same as yesterday. Some automatic thoughts about snacking or grabbing something solid to eat. They had the monthly birthday snacks in the lounge today. Homemade chocolate covered Oreos, muffins, doughnuts, the usual junk. I had no interest. I like this. I look forward to more of it.