Old Pueblo T minus 3 days

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On Saturday, a friend and I will be embarking on our first ultramarathon. I look forward to this race. I have not gone this far in one run before. He is an Ironman so he has gone this distance before, but never just running. The forecast is nice weather and it is in the middle of nowhere. I am excited. This will be fun. I spend the next couple of days packing my drop bags and making sure I have it all planned out. The only wrench is the possibility of rain. I really do not like wearing long sleeves much less a jacket of any kind when I run. I am not sure if the tradeoff of possibly being cold is enough motivation to wear long clothing that might get soaked. Try lugging that around for miles until you can drop it off. My friend is concerned about the combination of distance and elevation changes so we are running the whole thing together. I was hoping to do this race fast, but friends are more important that personal best times. This is our first ultra, so this one is for the experience for future races.
I will continue to go vegan for this race. I will be bringing rice balls with chia seeds, beans, and nutritional yeast for protein, calories and carbs. The will be cooked in turmeric and ginger for the anti-inflammatory effects. I will also be bringing an energy drink that has lemon, chia, and ginger to reduce swelling. I have a large bag of Heed as well as packets of Perpetuum for electrolytes and calories. I will have Hammer gels and e-Gels on me and at each drop along the way.
This should be a fun race. I will try to post more later or tomorrow.



Long and slow

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Officially, summer break began today. I do not count the long weekend that we would have had off anyway. I have begun more ernest workouts. Long slow runs at about 85% max heart rate will comprise most of my runs, Probably Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with Sunday being the easiest of the workouts making it an optional day to rest. Intervals twice each week morning on Tuesday and evening Thursday. Tempo runs Monday morning and Wednesday evening. Monday through Thursday will include a 30-60 minute run either in the morning or evening to get my body used to working out tired. I will do this regimen for a month. I will cut back after this to increase my core workouts again. I continue to juice and have a meal everyone in awhile. I have not eaten meat apart from tasting the food I make for my family for a long time now and I really do not miss it. The last couple weeks have seen less juicing and less workouts. With work over for a couple months, this can go back to normal and healthy. I have also increased my activity during the day at home. I have been engaging the children more and I have been doing a lot more housework. The yard is next. It currently looks like something from a Stephen King novel. I think people are expecting a rabid dog to come crashing through the door chasing an evil clown with creepy 70’s music playing in the background when they ring the doorbell. It should be fun though. Yard work is just a form of crosstraining anyway. This will be a fun summer. I hope to get the kids to the mall so I can read my blogs and post a lotthey can have some fun and go wild without destroying the house.