Tuesdays 2013

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One year ago a new year began. Like all beginnings, this one held much promise. Possibilities were endless. Not really true because we tend to pass off these magical qualities on the future. What we tend to forget is that we will still have the same pressures and obligations as we do on the day we are fantasizing about what we will do in that “undiscovered country.” I am not in the same place I was a year ago. I have less resources than I did then and my time is just as limited as last year ago. I have certain things I need to do at specific times during the day just as I did when I worked and my personal time must revolve around the schedules of others. I have a bit more time for training but that time must be tempered with time spent cleaning and house maintenance. I have more time to schedule dinners yet I find myself often making the same meals I did a year ago. I find that my energy levels fluctuate in the same ways they did when I was working and that I am still tired when the kids come home from school. Last year this was the “undiscovered country,” now that I have discovered it, I realize that I was living here all along. I just found a few features I was not aware of back then. 

Tuesdays in 2013 

I was productive in 2013 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I do not know if this correlates to the Tuesday/Thursday classes I had back in college, but anything is possible. A whole lot of running and cleaning was accomplished on Tuesdays this year. This was the day I ran a lot of intervals and washed a lot of clothes. This was the day I volunteered at The Dictator’s school. I helped his class in the computer lab. I think I will be doing this a bit more this year until I get a job and perhaps will do it even after I get a job if I am not working. 

Today feels like a very scattered day so I will have to end here. We are heading off to the mall.