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I have been missing the iPad. I wrote some blog/journal entries over the last couple of weeks. I just either did not put them on the computer or in writing at all. I still write blog entries in my head but they tend to not get published because my brain seems to have no urgency to rewrite them once they have been finished. I used to be able to just write my blog on the iPad when I was out anywhere so, yeah, I miss that. the last month has been difficult both in the cleaning and the workout arenas. I was mulling this over a couple weeks ago while my kids were playing at the mall and I decided on a new course of action. I set upon a plan to lose 20 pounds in 60 days. This begins today, November 13, 2013 and ends January 12, 2014.

I outlined a method similar to the one I laid out last year in Time for Weight Loss. Since I am not working I had to add items forĀ  keeping busy so I would not just sit around the house on the computer and snacking. Yard work, cleaning the garage, house work and just keeping moving are a big part of the things I need to focus on. I have also got more specific exercises for building core. I can designate specific time each day to core exercises and weights.

I have been working on the mental blocks to working out and pushing myself farther. Still working on it but I have gotten past those blocks many times in the last few months by just forcing the run/workouts. I need to do it more consistently.

This weekend I will be volunteering at the Ironman AZ in the hopes of getting into the race for next year. It should be a great time.

March is the Old Pueblo Ultra (50 miles) near Tucson. I can’t wait for that!

Sleep has been sporadic lately. My daughter has been getting up anywhere between 12:30 and 4:30 each night. This explains part of my lack of posts as well as my mental disorganization and my overall sluggishness. Hopefully this will level off. My kids slept until after 5 today so I am feeling a little more awake and focused. I have found it a bit easier to meditate when I am getting sleep too. That has helped my meditation be more productive in the lsat couple days too. I need to cut this short so I can actually get to bed at a decent time tonight.

Thank you for reading. I am grateful to you all.


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I realized that I have not been posting about a couple of my favorite things, food and this nice little iPad I have been posting from. Thanks to blowingoffsteamandmore and her 3-star blog (I personally give her 10 out of 6) for inspiring me to include something I really enjoy in my blog. I have posted about this before.
There are different types of meditation. There is prayer or sutra or other types of recitation meditation. This is sitting and saying something to yourself over and over for a period of time. This type of meditation is aimed at getting your mind out of the way. Another type of meditation is mindfulness. This meditation involves breath and focusing on everything that you feel and think without actually focusing on anything specific. A third type of meditation if movement meditation. This meditation can be martial arts, yoga or any type of activity where one can lose the mind and just ‘be.’ Work can be considered movement meditation. This is not to be confused with shifting into automatic, where one shuts off and just does things. The difference is that you are not aware of anything and are often more tired after automatic mode than during a meditative type of activity. I have gone into automatic at work many times and I am exhausted at the end of the day. I might be physically tired after a workout but my spirit is charged. Which brings me back to food.

Cooking is one of my types of movement meditations. I can spend days cooking and lose myself yet I am constantly charged and recharged by the activity. I am more creative when I cook. I am aware of everything, critical yet accepting of everything that happens when I cook, happy and focused. I am able to think several steps ahead of where I am while focusing on the task and hand and keeping the whole picture in mind. the task flattens out from being a lot of things with many levels in four dimensions, to a set of tasks in 2 dimensions. Like the sphere in Flatland who visited the second dimension. He was able to perceive the whole of Flatland but was able to work within it with greater clarity. Confuscated? For me, cooking is meditative and joyful. It is a mystical experience. I experience the divine through setting my self aside. When I am not forcing anything, not pushing too hard, achieving joy through cooking is easy.

This iPad is another of my pleasures. I spend a lot of time looking at apps and testing them out. I think I will be discussing apps I have tried here as well. The types I like to play with are often food-related but there are other types of creative apps I have as well. I really like an app that turned out to be the app of the year, Paper. This app is great in its simplicity. It is just a blank journal. You are given drawing tools and nothing else is necessary except your own creativity. You can create multiple journals with different subjects or for different people to create in. You can add as many pages as you like. You can create your own colors to use. You can export the creations to share with others. It is wonderful for developing your personal creativity.