Let Food Be Thy Medicine

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Let Food Be Thy Medicine

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates
The stuff we eat in the West these days is so often not food. Food is something you can identify. You know where it came from and what the ingredients are. Food is medicine and overprecessed food is toxic poison. What are you eating?

Juice Fast Day 5 & 6

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Unable to do breakfast smoothies in the morning on the weekends. I did not think about the noise of this blender. I also realize I am unable to juice after the kids go to bed. I have been mixing 2 batches in the evening now. Fortunately, I had made enough juice to have breakfast on both days 5 and 6.
Day 5
1 beet
1 avocado
1.5 cup cabbage
1 apple
1 cucumber
1 small orange
2 tsp spirulina
.5 cup blueberry juice
1 cup coconut
2 cups coconut mango water

This is excellent! Left over from Day 4.

Drank the rest of #19 during the day.

2 cups yams
6 strawberries
.25 cup fresh basil
3 cups coconut water
1 cup orange juice
1 tsp spirulina

This was the best juice yet. I drank 72 ounces for dinner.

Day 6
I drank leftovers today. About 65 ounces of juice. I am doing well with this. I will go longer on this fast. Probably another week. I got the P90X DVDs this week so I will begin this regimen once I have the tools at hand. I am excited.
I have increased my daily routine of exercise to include more core exercises and I have been doing cardio weights again. I will start including my workouts as I start blogging about fitness again.

Juice III

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More experiments in juices.
coconut water
beet root
beet leaf
orange juice
This one was good but I am definitely getting a lot of small chunks. This one tasted better after sitting for a couple hours.
I think I need a VitaMix. The chunks are tolerable but after I saw what a VitaMix could do at Costco and Jamba Juice, there is no compaarison. The Ninja will suffice for now until we can come up with the massive amount of money for the VitaMix.

*Note about beets. They stain hands (already mentioned the other effects in a previous post). No big deal unless you are greeting someone at the door. Note to self: Don’t try to shake hands with beet juice all over them (unless you are trying to scare off the visitor/door-to-door salesperson). I figure a good way to get rid of those pesky Jehovah’s Witnesses would be to rub the beet on my mouth and hands yelling “I think old man’s brains taste a little too metallic, save me part of the liver!” as I answer the door would take care of them.

beet root and leaf
Cutie orange
2T flax seeds
1/2c pineapple
3c coconut water
3 kale leaves

This one was the best so far.
After sitting in the fridge for a day (I forgot to bring it to work yesterday) it got thick. I added some coconut water and mixed it in my blender bottle (dude that thought this up is a genius) and it is perfect.

Still juicing

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I decided to start using beets and more liquid in my blends. This has had interesting side effects. The first is easy, taste is better. It also leaves small pieces in the mix (about the size of the chopped garlic you see in the jars). This is to be expected because I am chopping a root. They add texture but it is not an unpleasant texture. The third is far more interesting and some might get disturbed by this. I have a pink tinge to my pee and my poop turns the toilet water red. I guess you would say “well, duh” to this but I had not really thought about it beforehand. Either it is the beets, or I am bleeding in my colon. I think I will go with the beets. It is certainly a change of pace to pee chardonnay rather than the usual lemonade. I do not have the recipes with me (I am waiting for them to finish putting on a new tire at Walmart) but I will post those later. I guess I should have named this one ‘Peeing Wine’ or something.

Any thoughts are welcome in this whole mess process. I enjoy comments and suggestions. Thanks for reading!


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I have been vegan for a little while now and, honestly, I don’t miss meat or cheese. It is not,like I was forced to change for health or moral reasons. I went vegan to increase my athletic performance. The health benefits are a bonus and perhaps will become the reason for continuing this dietary choice. Perhaps the fact that it is a choice makes it easier. I know I can eat meat and cheese if I choose so the whole ‘forbidden fruit’ thing does not make me want to eat them.

We proceeded to the next level Saturday. We bought a Ninja. Contrary to popular belief, ninjas are not quiet. They are, in fact, louder than a school cafeteria on a rainy day schedule the day before winter break. Seems they could only have made it this loud if that was their goal.

Ninja Designer 1: Something isn’t right.
Ninja Designer 2: I know. It is too quiet. Almost as if the thing isn’t working hard enough.
Ninja Designer 1: I know! what if we put in a motorcycle engine but remove the muffler.
Ninja Designer 2: It still isn’t loud enough. I want to be able to make people think someone could grind up titanium bolts with this thing.
And so the Ninja was born. The reports of the Ninja Professional are mixed. Some say it is horrible with a lot of design flaws or that is leaves a lot of chunks. Some people have even gone through 3 or more of them because the pitchers break easily. I wanted to try it out because it is hhard to resist the price. Plus, there were just as many positive reviews. Before I bite the bullet and spent $500 on a VitaMix, I want to see what else is out there (this might also allow me to save up for the VitaMix).
So I made a few juices. Of course, I tested the ice-to-snow ability first. It did. That was nice, no chunks. Next I added strawberries, a banana, and some blueberries. It was good but I can do this with my $20 blender from Walmart. Next, I wanted to try a veggie juice.

Juice #2
maca powder
chia seeds
coconut water
flax seeds
This one tasted good although a bit bitter from the kale. Also, I realized that the chia creates a gel effect if it sits for any length of time in liquid. The bit left in the pitcher turned into pudding by the time I finished drinking. I also wonder if using them in the blender sped up the gel-making process.

Juice #3
almond milk
Spectrum Decadent Blend Chia & Flax Seed (a blend with coconut, cacao powder, flax and chia seeds)
2T maca powder
This was rather good, but I made pudding again.
Interesting though, I am starting to wonder if the blueberries are part of the bitterness. I will try one without them to taste the difference.

I realize I have been writing this post for 3 days now so I will end and continue in another post. 🙂

As always, with Love and Light.