Sunday’ smusings

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Not a typo. I was just being clever and creative in my alliteration.
Watching football today I was jealous of Philly and Pittsburgh fans who got to sit through that awesome weather to see those games. No this is not sarcasm. Football was intended to be played in this type of weather. In fact, the Steelers usually play better in this type of weather. No, I am not happy with the result of the Steelers game so this weekend was a letdown for football all around (ASU is in the Holiday Bowl and they have not won that bowl in 3 tries).
Spent the day cleaning while my kids tore up the house like a couple of animals children are wont to do.
Went to the grocery store and saved 40% of my bill. Not exactly extreme couponing but I will take the win.
Tomorrow will involve: 30 minutes of weights and core training, 2 hours of running, mopping, and moving furniture, followed by removing more sealant from my counter to prepare for re-grouting my crappy tiled kitchen countertop.

Until tomorrow,

Thankful Thursday

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I apologize (again) for not posting in awhile.

Today I am thankful for my life.

My children are wonderful.

My wife is beautiful, kind, patient, understanding, and loving.

I love my home and my neighborhood. I am grateful that I was able to send my son off to his first day of school today. He was great, just got in line and walked in. That is the easiest first day he has had in his short 5 years of life.

I am grateful to have been able to spend the day with my daughter by ourselves.

I am grateful for my friends. I am grateful for all of my readers.

I am grateful for having had the use of the iPad last year. I will have to concentrate harder to post here without it. Neither of my laptops is portable anymore, the batteries have the storage time of my short-term memory lately. This has become a bit more inconvenient but I am working on it. Nothing worth doing is easy at first, right?

I am grateful for the beginning of football tonight (I guess I can even be grateful that it is the Dolphins and Cowboys).

I am grateful for the weather lately. This is the first time I have ever actually sensed Fall at this time of year. I could actually smell it in the air this morning. I know Fall does not come for 5 more weeks but there was the distinctive scent of Autumn.

I am grateful for not working my last job anymore. I am finding more clarity and looking forward to getting up in the morning.

I hope to be posting with greater frequency soon.