5 mintue quickies – Sunday at home

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1348850142001_3738143I am not a mom, but the same idea.

Apart from football, I do not really appreciate Sundays as much as other people seem to. Part of it is that my brain is always looking at what is next. My whole life has been a struggle to stay in the moment (or even just in the same day), but I fail more often than I succeed. When I was in college, Sundays were spent catching upon homework or doing research with some football thrown in. When I was working Sundays were spent watching football, going shopping (because the ads come out and that is what you do), or doing some form of housework. All of this with the undertone that Monday was right around the corner. Never mattered what I was doing. Even if Monday was a holiday, there was always this feeling of dread that it was already over. This made Sundays hard to tolerate. They still are but now I have to share them with family.

I tend to not want to do anything on Sundays because of this dread. Oddly, it has not dissipated since becoming a stay-at-home-dad, it has increased at times. I think my introversion has been able to run rampant and weekends are intruded upon by their all-day presence. Fridays have been met with the same dread because my intro-self (IS) knew it would not get the energy it needs just to survive. That time alone never seemed to be enough. Over the last 9 months, IS has had plenty of time to recharge but it seems insatiable and seems to drain faster in the presence of others faster than it ever has before in my life. What do I need to do to get past this? Is this a side effect of ADHD combined with being an introvert? ( These are questions I have been exploring and perhaps will share their answers here. Thank you for coming.

(I know, this is not the post about the ultramarathon. It is coming. I promise. This was just another one of those 5 minute quickies.)