This is a page of thjngs I am manifesting. Manifesting what you want involves three steps.

1. Ask for what you want. Be specific.

2. Let it go and allow universe and spirit to bring you what you asked for. Perseverance on the desire delays and often changes what you want so the channel get muddled and can mess things up. Jest let it go and don’t think about it. this is a difficult step.

3. Be open to clues that your desire is becoming manifest. This can be the most difficult step. People are often not specific in their wishes or change what their wishes are or worse, want the desire fulfilled in a specific manner. When you are not open to what you are given, you can block the whole process and prevent yourself from receiving what universe and your  spirit provide, even if spirit knows what is best for you. Just accept what comes and if you are unsatisfied, be more specific next time you ask.

I am using pictures and memes to express my desires here. Pictures when manifesting open the mind and allow the reticular formation to activate. This gets your mind working and you will start to be open to seeing that which you ask for more often and allows you to accept what is coming more freely.