Old Pueblo T minus 3 days

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On Saturday, a friend and I will be embarking on our first ultramarathon. I look forward to this race. I have not gone this far in one run before. He is an Ironman so he has gone this distance before, but never just running. The forecast is nice weather and it is in the middle of nowhere. I am excited. This will be fun. I spend the next couple of days packing my drop bags and making sure I have it all planned out. The only wrench is the possibility of rain. I really do not like wearing long sleeves much less a jacket of any kind when I run. I am not sure if the tradeoff of possibly being cold is enough motivation to wear long clothing that might get soaked. Try lugging that around for miles until you can drop it off. My friend is concerned about the combination of distance and elevation changes so we are running the whole thing together. I was hoping to do this race fast, but friends are more important that personal best times. This is our first ultra, so this one is for the experience for future races.
I will continue to go vegan for this race. I will be bringing rice balls with chia seeds, beans, and nutritional yeast for protein, calories and carbs. The will be cooked in turmeric and ginger for the anti-inflammatory effects. I will also be bringing an energy drink that has lemon, chia, and ginger to reduce swelling. I have a large bag of Heed as well as packets of Perpetuum for electrolytes and calories. I will have Hammer gels and e-Gels on me and at each drop along the way.
This should be a fun race. I will try to post more later or tomorrow.



5 Minute Post

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2 weeks to go until the race and I made a mistake today. The last couple weeks were so busy with birthdays and parties that I got no running done. The mistake came when I decided to keep my schedule and do my final long runs before the race. Today was supposed to be 4 hours and 5 hours tomorrow. I did the 4 and I am wiped out. I have not felt this bad after a run in so long that I do not remember. I get cramps in my feet, thighs, hamstring and I even got a cramp in my hand. The worst part was that I had no rest time before getting the kids. When I got out of the car, I was in a ton of pain. As I was going into the daycare, my thigh cramped so bad I could barely stand much less walk. When I started moving, my hammy in the other leg decided it was not enough attention. Not to be outdone, when I bent over to massage the areas, my intercostals chimed in.  Total mess. I am laying in bed now and things are better ( because I have not moved in an hour). I guess running 5 hours tomorrow might have to be abolished. I will not be taking so long off from running during training again. Lesson learned.


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After a couple weeks I find I am less and less interested in being online. I have entered information overload. I have spent entire days just checking email, social media, and just reading articles online. I have started to tune out much of what I read now. I see the articles with interesting information related to health or listing some new targeted exercises. Too much information means too little is getting through. I know I want to use this information but the impulsive part of me just files it away and looks for the next interesting article. I am not going to do this anymore. I have shut off all notifications on my phone and I will only keep the application so I can have the Nike app post my runs. A friend recently told me about a nice trail for running that is actually right by my house. This will be ideal to continue my training for the ultramarathon. I ran this route a couple days ago and found I could have easily gone longer but I had to go pick the kids up from school.
More later.

2014 Goals

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First, I obviously did not meet my goal of 200 total posts by last night. I have quite a few unfinished drafts though.
Second, I have decided on a distance goal for this year. 1000 miles. This comes out to 2.75 miles a day. I think this is rather conservative but it is a start. I will focus on that one goal and go from there.
Third, I will set a goal of 52 posts for the year. Once a week. If I reach this early, I will decide how to proceed from there. If I reach the goal a year from now, I will be happy with that as well.
Fourth: love, laugh, smile, give, live, BE.

I did it again

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On the way to the mall my children asked me a question. We had a conversation about the answer.  I started writing a post in my head and got fairly far with the thoughts. I sat down at the play area and all thoughts about that post have evaporated like my dreams of being a running back in the NFL. Kids are like that. They steal thoughts as much as they stimulate them. They can drain all you have just as efficiently as they help define who you are. They sap as much of your strength as they give. I would have been fine had I been paying attention.  The problem is that they are even better at turning my attention and memory into an Etch-A-Sketch.

Hopefully I can retrieve this information when we get back in the car later.


Tuesdays 2013

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One year ago a new year began. Like all beginnings, this one held much promise. Possibilities were endless. Not really true because we tend to pass off these magical qualities on the future. What we tend to forget is that we will still have the same pressures and obligations as we do on the day we are fantasizing about what we will do in that “undiscovered country.” I am not in the same place I was a year ago. I have less resources than I did then and my time is just as limited as last year ago. I have certain things I need to do at specific times during the day just as I did when I worked and my personal time must revolve around the schedules of others. I have a bit more time for training but that time must be tempered with time spent cleaning and house maintenance. I have more time to schedule dinners yet I find myself often making the same meals I did a year ago. I find that my energy levels fluctuate in the same ways they did when I was working and that I am still tired when the kids come home from school. Last year this was the “undiscovered country,” now that I have discovered it, I realize that I was living here all along. I just found a few features I was not aware of back then. 

Tuesdays in 2013 

I was productive in 2013 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I do not know if this correlates to the Tuesday/Thursday classes I had back in college, but anything is possible. A whole lot of running and cleaning was accomplished on Tuesdays this year. This was the day I ran a lot of intervals and washed a lot of clothes. This was the day I volunteered at The Dictator’s school. I helped his class in the computer lab. I think I will be doing this a bit more this year until I get a job and perhaps will do it even after I get a job if I am not working. 

Today feels like a very scattered day so I will have to end here. We are heading off to the mall. 


Resolutions 2013

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Looking back at last year, I posted about Resolutions. I did not really make resolutions for this year. I think this was a good call because making them would probably have been a huge fail. I wrote about making promises. When you make a promise and keep it, it gets easier. Your willpower increases with each success and decreases with each failure. I have not done an official tally but, I think I am slightly above 50% for successfully keeping those goals for this year. Had I made resolutions for 2013, I would have made them too grandiose and numerous. I find that one or two goals with little goals along the way is best. I am finally getting to the point where I can schedule my day/week/month better and perhaps get more accomplished. Perhaps I will make more goals for 2104. (perhaps I will actually make goals for this year since I am putting them in writing)
Next year will be about finding my center. 2013 was about moving myself off center and getting rid of those things that were keeping me from my center. (Wait, what is a center? I will write about that in another post.)
I have maintained my weight for most of the year and I am now down weight so I can run better next year. I ran more last year and actually got into somewhat of a schedule. Although I began the 4 months to a 4 hour Marathon schedule, I changed my goal to the ultramarathon so I discontinued that schedule and now I am focusing on longer distance run training. I have cleaned and uncluttered my house more in the last 3 months than I have in the last 10 years. I have not read but I listened to quite a few books this year and I think I have learned quite a lot.

More later. Not just because I want more posts but because I need to go do stuff.