Thankful Thursday

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I am thankful for my friends. I am thankful for The Goofy Kindhearted One, the Righteous One who has bad taste in football teams, The Ubernerd who is also an athlete, The Hobbit, The Missing One, The Nerdy Guitar Hero, and The Nerdy Goofy One. Notice a trend? Yes they are all rather goofy (oh, and nerdy). Is this because I am like this or because I seek the goofiness I need to complete what I am missing. Probably a little of both. These people have been my friends since third grade (Ubernerd since high school). I am grateful for every moment I have known them and every moment I will have with them.

I am thankful for my family. I love my wife and I am grateful for sharing my life with her. I love my son. He is a bright, beautiful, curious ray of sunshine on any day. I am thankful for my daughter. She is love in a little package. She is full of kisses and hugs. She is full of curiousity and wit. I enjoy her laughter and thrill at her discoveries about life.

I am thankful for my home. I love knowing that I can get up in the morning to a lovely house and share my time with those I love. I look forward to getting the yard straightened out and the garage cleaned up (so I can clutter them all over again during the holidays).

I am thankful for my health. I love that I can run and swim and exercise. I love that I can tolerate pain and weather. I love the feeling of completing a workout and sweating (intentionally) only to cool off in a pool so cold I have to chase off polar bears.

I am thankful for the few people who still read my posts. I do write some of this for you. Most of it is for my own amusement and my ego says that if I find something clever, someone else might as well. I guess I should look into finding some validation to this theory so I can either inflate my ego or pop it like a balloon (not like this has not been done a hundred times in the last few years, but it is good to know, right?).

I am thankful that I can still look for a job. I appreciate the time I have had at home to be there when I my little ones get off school, but that will need to end soon. I like postulating about the available jobs out there as well as the unavailable jobs out there. I would not mind working at a sports store ( I have applied to a few). I might have some issue with selling things I do not endorse, but I would get over it. Sales, unlike speech therapy, does not have much of a code of ethics. I can still steer people in the direction of something I feel is appropriate. I still want to work online or energy healing and I am still searching for a way to do this, but I will probably have to supplement my wife’s income during the process. I am grateful that I am in a position to do this. (I hear Elephant Journal is taking interns… interesting.)

I am thankful that I can now go sleep (do not know if it will be for 7 hours or 1 hour) in my bed and get up in the morning to beauty. Thank you for reading. I will see you tomorrow.



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Well, the last 2 weeks have been all but a wash for training. Vacation, parent-teacher conferences, and just days off school have effectively erased any time I had to work out. I have to just continue my schedule for the 4 Months to a 4 Hour Marathon. I got in a couple of long runs that combined tempo and intervals so I got that into my routine. I have also increased my core/stretches circuit. I will publish the missing workout time as well as the schedule for this week.

I have been looking at Hal Higdon’s website. He has workouts for increasing speed at distance. I have already been incorporating some of the techniques he uses. The schedule is very similar to the 4 Hour but there is more running and he does not suggest cross-training unless you can find time to add it to one of the regular workouts. There are apps and great descriptions for why you are doing everything he includes in the workouts here. I really like this website.

Today I ran then came home to swim. I felt dizzy again after 100m or so. I swam another 60m and stopped. I think I am getting motion sickness. I do not generally get nauseated unless I push for 250m or more. The problem is, I was laid out for the rest of the day. I am not sure if I was just tired from lack of sleep for 3 straight nights, the water temperature, or it is an artifact of the swimming on my brain. I get motion sick when I play first person shooters and it is magnified when I am tired but I have only felt this when swimming recently. I have googled the topic and will look at some solutions. Drugs are not an option. Dramamine and other meds put you to sleep and I am not in the mood to drown. Other options suggest ginger and other types of supplements but the problem is not an upset stomach, it seems to be an vestibular canal problem. These canals have fluid in them and they keep us balanced. We get dizzy when the liquid is moving in one (or more) direction but the eyes are telling the brain that the body is not moving or is moving along a different plane (this is a simplified explanation). Nausea comes about (in theory) because the brain perceives there is some kind of toxin in the body and attempts to expel it.




spinning-child nausea-and-vomiting

I really hope this is something I can fix. I will not be able to do triathlons if this continues.

I am disappointed at losing a day to clean and do yard work. Tomorrow I go to the dentist and I am volunteering in my son’s class so I do not have much time to get in a good workout.

Sorry, this post is not very humorous but I still feel the effects of the motion sickness. I feel like I did when we went on our cruise for our honeymoon, very tired and I have a slight nagging headache (the kind that hangs out at the base of your skull and sets up shop all day).

Thank you to those that still read. I am grateful for you and your presence in my life.


4to4 Week 4

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Workout schedule

Monday – Wife off work so no workout

Tuesday – Cross-training – 150m swim

Run- 6 mile Tempo @9:30 min/mile

Wednesday – 10 x 400m @ 1:50

4 x 800 @ 3:50

Thursday – Run- 6 mile Tempo @9:30/mile

Friday – 12 miles @ 10 min/mile

Saturday – weights and yoga stretches

Sunday – stretches and rest

Meditation 40 minutes daily

I will see if I can get my road bike working this week so I can expand my crosstraining to include rides. The pool is getting colder and I am not sure how much longer I can keep swimming. Last year I swam for awhile after runs but it was the cold on my head that stopped me from continuing. No fat there makes it really painful to swim in cold water. I will also look into an insulated hood from a scuba suit (if there is such a thing) because I really need the swim practice and I can not afford a fitness center pass.

My largest barrier continuing forward is getting past my own thoughts on speed. I am constantly holding myself back when I run for fear of burnout or injury or overtraining. Unfortunately this has transmitted into my mentality on raceday. I have started looking at this thought process and I hope to change it come raceday into something more productive. I can go faster than I have been going and I know it. I was always looking at it as just another run before. Now, it is a race. The rest is training. I need to trust that all my training will have the effect of running faster for longer than I do during the training. This next marathon is going to be something different for me. Pardon me while I go out to train now.



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Swimming has always worn me out. It was a sure thing I would sleep for 12 hours after a day at a pool or a beach when I was a kid. It seems not much has changed. This is my second 300 meter workout in a couple of weeks and I am wiped out. I know this is related to my VO2 Max but… damn I am wiped out. I guess this is a good thing. I am not dead and I am learning. Swimming is far more difficult than running or cycling because of the whole ‘not being able to breathe when you want to’ thing. I do not feel the leg or upper body weariness because I am only doing my swimming in my pool (10 meters at a time). I am just working on stamina and building my breath work. Wait until I go for open water swimming, that will be a treat. I hope you all come along for the ride.

I have a long way to go with swimming I know and I look forward to the ride.


4 Months to 4 Hour – Week 3

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No catchy phrases today, just Tuesday.

Daily Diet

breakfast – none or juice

post-workout – juice

lunch – juice or vegan quesadillas with salsa

dinner – usually nothing big. tasting dinner for the family and perhaps a little pasta.

Workout schedule

Monday – 60 min run @10 min/mile

Tuesday – Cross-training – 300m swim

– 30 minute core workout

– cardio-weights

Wednesday – 8 x 400m @ 1:50

4 x 800 @ 3:50

Thursday – 60 min run @ 10 min/mile

Friday – 26 mile (marathon distance)

Saturday – weights and yoga stretches

Sunday – stretches and rest

Last week was difficult because I worked on Friday and did not get my long run in. My run times have actually been less than my planned times. I have been averaging 1:45 on my 400s and 3:30 on my 800s. I have been wearing calf sleeves and they are awesome for recovery time! I have not been doing much blogging but I have a lot to say. I think I will get a few done this week.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate you and your readership.


Five for Friday

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1. Ran 10 miles today. 12 was the plan but, I was not really feeling it. Plus, the 5 mile turnaround was a good natural stopping point.

2. Swam 300m today. It was hot out and this was a very welcome break.

3. Having issues with one of my computers. I have a MoneyPak virus on it and I can not even boot to Safe Mode. I bought Trend Micro Premium Antivirus thinking it would be a bootable disc and of course, it is not. The customer service people could offer no help other than a $75 one-time service plan to fix the problem.

4. I took the software back to the store and the girl behind the counter tried to guilt me or something by telling me that this was a one-time thing that they have no idea if I copied the software. My thoughts were twofold: I would have gotten the software/cracks/passwords off the Internet had I chosen to do that; you are the one making the choice to take this back, I only asked.

5. My yard looks like it should have mountain lions and anacondas living in it. Maybe I will not have to shop for meat for the kids soon if any large game animals move in. A family of quail would be nice (eggs and fresh meat).