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I sit and stare
I wonder
“What is going on in there?”
The child gives an inquisitive smile
And exudes love to last a quadrillion miles.

I search my database for the file
What, in my experience, could possibly compare
What is this one thinking?
What is going on in there?

Keeping it a little light

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I sit to write not sure what to think or say
Was today just another like the previous yesterday?
I contemplate words of wisdom or another recipe
I debate spiritual or parenting repartee
Still not too sure about what to say or do
I think I will write a poem or two.


Thank you for following my lonely little web space
I enjoy writing to others of this little human race.
My ideas are sometimes grandiose, sometimes minuscule
But they are mine and I lord over them, I rule.
I appreciate your kind comments and witty criticisms
Even if I might get thrown into fits and paroxysms.
I love to follow and read the thoughts of others
They are the wonderfully gifts of my sisters and brothers
I am fairly sure it is about time
To end this set of pathetic attempt to rhyme.
I bid you adieu, farewell, auf Wiedersehen
(You didn’t really think I was going to rhyme auf Wiedersehen? That would be insane.)