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I know it has been awhile since I actually posted. I have been creating posts in my head and I even thought of some pics for Wordless Wednesdays. A lot has been happening that I need to write about but I am still too mentally cloudy to put it all down yet. But, just a few things…

  • A friend gave us a really nice juicer and it is rather awesome. Not a blender but an actual blender. I am extremely grateful for that.
  • I am currently still unemployed, so actual juicing is not really in the picture.
  • I am not a fan of online job applications. I have applied for several jobs but, they do not generally contact you unless they are going to interview you. This is rather rude considering all you have to go through for some of these applications. One site basically ran me through the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (a personality test). This application took 1.5 hours to complete. One site sent me an email saying they were going with other applicants at this time. No explanation, no way of contacting anyone about this. I get that I might be overqualified to work in a running apparel store, but give me the chance to discuss this before you dismiss me. There must be some reason I left my previous full-time job with a salary and benefits to apply for a minimum wage job.
  • I found some nice minimal shoes at Ross for only $40. That was really awesome. These shoes are Vibram Minimus and they are the real deal. It is like wearing a tough pair of socks. They do not carry the heat and they allow my feet to splay out as if I were barefoot.
  • I discovered my new best friend, The Stick. I bought it years ago for ITB issues but, now I use it to roll my calves and recovery is amazing. I am able to do over 30 miles a week now.
  • I am swimming between 300 and 1000 meters every day in the pool before or after I run. I will be starting my new training schedule soon. I figure I will do as I did last year, start on October first.
  • I signed up to volunteer for an aide station at the Ironman Arizona this year. This allows me to have first dibs (besides the current participants) at signing up for the race next year.

Thank you for continuing to be patient with me. Namaste.




Long and slow

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Officially, summer break began today. I do not count the long weekend that we would have had off anyway. I have begun more ernest workouts. Long slow runs at about 85% max heart rate will comprise most of my runs, Probably Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with Sunday being the easiest of the workouts making it an optional day to rest. Intervals twice each week morning on Tuesday and evening Thursday. Tempo runs Monday morning and Wednesday evening. Monday through Thursday will include a 30-60 minute run either in the morning or evening to get my body used to working out tired. I will do this regimen for a month. I will cut back after this to increase my core workouts again. I continue to juice and have a meal everyone in awhile. I have not eaten meat apart from tasting the food I make for my family for a long time now and I really do not miss it. The last couple weeks have seen less juicing and less workouts. With work over for a couple months, this can go back to normal and healthy. I have also increased my activity during the day at home. I have been engaging the children more and I have been doing a lot more housework. The yard is next. It currently looks like something from a Stephen King novel. I think people are expecting a rabid dog to come crashing through the door chasing an evil clown with creepy 70’s music playing in the background when they ring the doorbell. It should be fun though. Yard work is just a form of crosstraining anyway. This will be a fun summer. I hope to get the kids to the mall so I can read my blogs and post a lotthey can have some fun and go wild without destroying the house.