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Five for Friday

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Greeting to all my followers! I realized I passed my one year mark but I am incredibly grateful that I am still around. I am grateful for those of you who remain as well!

1.    I ran my long run yesterday at a 9:30 pace. I will be doing crosstraining and foamroll today and I will work in a run this weekend.

2.   My son has finally started caring about his fellow classmates at school and his behavior is improving. I am far less concerned that he is getting the rewards his teacher provides than I am about his concern for his classroom experience. Next week is parent-teacher conferences.

3.   I am finally getting organized around the house and making a list of blog topics as well. Hopefully, I can finally get around to writing those entries.

4.   My daughter loves her new school. She is finally being challenged and there are no reports of acting out we had at her previous school. In years past, she would get bored with her teachers or her curriculum and she would bite. None of that this year. She is happy with school. She gets to sing, dance, make art almost every day.

5.   Two months unemployed and I realize more and more how much I do not miss my job. Yes, I miss the money and I am currently looking for something to do while the kids are in school, but I am realizing that I could not ethically continue to do the things they were expecting me to do. That job was 85-90% paperwork, 5% school-related duties (meetings that addressed nothing I needed to know, lunch duty, going into the special education classroom to provide services I was not qualified to provide to students I did not have on my caseload, etc.), 8% prep time, and perhaps some time to get to providing therapy for the students. That leftover time was to be therapy but at what cost? Sacrificing therapy quality for the needs of some state protocol or some protocol set forth by the district which ends up being busy work at best is unethical and mind-numbing. I have probably alluded to how I feel and think about that job in the past, but my wife still works there and things are even worse this year than last.

I am looking forward now. I am getting fit in the process. I am pushing myself and my hope is to get good enough to find a sponsor or two. I am entertaining thoughts about how to make money for now since this whole getting a job thing is not working too well. I have filled out applications online and nothing has come to fruition, not even a call for interview. I am waiting for Road Runner Sports to get back to me. I talked with the newly appointed store supervisor and explained that all I want is part-time work. She sent an email to their human resources department and we are waiting now.

Fall is here (even in the pits of Hell desert and runs are easier and heat runs are basically over. Although 86 degrees is still hot for doing long runs, I can manage.

More later,


Five for Friday

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1. Ran 10 miles today. 12 was the plan but, I was not really feeling it. Plus, the 5 mile turnaround was a good natural stopping point.

2. Swam 300m today. It was hot out and this was a very welcome break.

3. Having issues with one of my computers. I have a MoneyPak virus on it and I can not even boot to Safe Mode. I bought Trend Micro Premium Antivirus thinking it would be a bootable disc and of course, it is not. The customer service people could offer no help other than a $75 one-time service plan to fix the problem.

4. I took the software back to the store and the girl behind the counter tried to guilt me or something by telling me that this was a one-time thing that they have no idea if I copied the software. My thoughts were twofold: I would have gotten the software/cracks/passwords off the Internet had I chosen to do that; you are the one making the choice to take this back, I only asked.

5. My yard looks like it should have mountain lions and anacondas living in it. Maybe I will not have to shop for meat for the kids soon if any large game animals move in. A family of quail would be nice (eggs and fresh meat).

5 for Friday

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1. Calves have been hurting for days from doing squats with weights. Running has been really difficult because I thought I might have hurt myself that first day.

2. Got my professional license registration in today (it expires tomorrow). I am not actually using it but I figured it would be easier to keep it for awhile longer just in case.

3. Ran a bit on the treadmill this week and I am learning to extend my duration. I think it would be easier in a club than at home.

4. Writing (or even checking) for the blog is difficult without the iPad. I think I said this before, but it is worth reiteration. I might be able to get an iPad by the time they have the version 10 (the implant version).

5. Still looking for a job. Internet searches are rather silly. I fill out the application online. I wait and get nothing in response. I have no one to call because the application goes to the company not the store. I am not applying for CEO jobs. I am applying for grunt work. I am not demanding a salary or benefits. I am asking for an entry level job in a retail shop. Seriously, I have no way of getting feedback from these places to know if they even got my information. Some of these places are now even using CareerBuilder and other types of recruiting sites to organize and manage the applications. I just want to work a bit while my son is in school and I have no one to play with.

Thank you for reading and posting. Namaste


Flat Friday

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1. I will get more awards finished this weekend.
2. I do not really feel like blogging right now.
3. I am incredibly happy there have been a lot of posts to read today!
4. I have a paper to edit so it may take awhile (no run tonight but weights instead).
5. I have to go into my garage (probably tomorrow) and sort through it so I can fit at least one car in from the summer swelter.
Why am I blogging this and why should you care? I blog it because announcing intention to do something helps one to do it. (OMG, what will they think if I don’t do it? Not that I care, but the human mind still works that way). You should care because you care enough to read this. How much care y have depends on you. More another time. Love you all.

Five for Friday 5 – Altitude

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The week after next I will be goining up to Sedona to do some altitude training. I am looking forward to it. It will be tough and tiring but I am pumped to be able to get that type of training under my belt. I have only run at altitude once before. The Guy Who Whines Like a Little Girl and I went up to Prescott a few years ago to drop his daughter off at a Girl Scout Camp and we ran while we waited. It was tiring to say the least. The altitude is not that much higher but we felt the difference within a half mile. The elevation of Sedona, AZ is 4,423 feet. The elevation of Prescott, AZ is 5,034 feet. The elevation of Scottsdale, AZ is 1,248 feet. So I will be going up about 3,200 feet. This is not as significant as Flagstaff (6,900 feet) but it is a start.

I might need to get some zero drop trail shoes though.

Altitude training, a new excuse for new shoes.

Five for Friday 4 – June

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Well it has been one week and I have run, lifted, and swam this week. More in one week than I have done in the last couple months combined (maybe not, but it feels that way). I did not get to do as much as I wanted to because life stepped in, but I expected this. I am feeling sleep deprived again. I even tried napping after meditation today and could not. I have become rather slothful as a result. Her Majesty seems to be on an owl’s sleep pattern and she drags me right along with it (actually, I feel more like the mouse avoiding that owl in the dark). I think it is just the change in routine from her school routine that has led to this (the same goes for Little Bit’s illnesses). Hopefully, this will not last much longer. Even if it does, I will still be able to do what I can, which is more than I do during the work season.

June 1 – 7

Total distance – 25 miles (not counting the few miles I did not have Garmin use (I really need to take a crap and then flush this thing down the toilet get a new one).

Avg HR – 151

Total time running – 5:35

Cross training – swimming, yardwork, weights, cardio weights, push ups, core leg lifts from bar and on the ground

June 8-14

Tomorrow and Sunday will both be long run days. 10 miles at 80% HR

Monday – AM 60 minute tempo run (10 minute warm up, 10 minute cool down, 40 minute 90% HR)

PM 45 minute run at 70% HR

Tuesday – AM interval run (10 minute warm up, 10 x 400 at 2 minutes each)

PM 45 minute run at 70% HR

Wednesday – AM 60 minute tempo run (10 minute warm up, 10 minute cool down, 40 minute 90% HR)

PM 45 minute run at 80% HR

Thursday – AM – Off or 45 minute run at 70% HR

– PM  – interval run (10 minute warm up, 10 x 400 at 2 minutes each)

Friday – AM – Off (We take the kids to a summer movie each Friday morning. This week it is Planet 51.)

– PM – 10 miles at 80% HR

I will also begin using the app, My Fitness Pal, to track kcal intake and expenditure.

Five for Friday 3 – Pasta

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I made pasta for the first time (I think, I might have made it once before but I have CRS today).


1.5 cup semolina flour
1.5 cup unbleached flour (next time I will try rice flour)
1 t salt
5 eggs (or 4 extra large)
2 T water
1 T coconut oil
Extra flour for rolling

Sift together the flours and salt. Make a well in the flour and put the eggs in the middle. Mix. Add the water and oil and mix. If it is too flaky, add water a tablespoon at a time. I get it to a bit thicker than cookie dough. Cover and let it rest for 20 minutes. I divided it and rolled it out on the counter with some flour to keep from sticking. Mine was a couple millimeters thick. I then roll/fold it (it looks like a crepe) and slice it thin, like cutting a log. I loosen up all the noodles and drop them in a pot of hot water for 3 minutes, until tender. I mixed with nutritional yeast, coconut oil, coconut milk, and garlic seasoning from The Melting Pot. The family really liked this yummy concoction! The pasta came out light and tasty!

Five for Friday 1 – Blessyouteit

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I think today’s Five will be in 5 installments that way you can read one or all of the entries and it will not take as long or longer as you see fit.

When someone sneezes, people usually give a blessing to ward off evil spirits that could enter the temporary absense of one’s soul. ‘Bless you’ is what I have always said and my wife says ‘gesundheit.’ As one can imagine, this might be confusing for children. I would say one thing and their mother would say something else in response to the same action. Her Majesty reconciled this conundrum with the ease of a child of a couple of linguists.


Me: *sneeze*

Little Dictator: Bless You

Little Bit: Gesundheit

Her Majesty: Blessyouteit

I am impressed. She is a little linguist in training. A little wordsmith. She likes to play with music too. She will sit and make up songs to whatever is happening and this skill will be very useful. If she does not have a word for something, she makes one up. She is a brilliant little girl. But that is just the unbiased opinion of a professional linguist father talking.