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My training is going to kick in this week for my next race. The Solemates’ Tryptophun 100 at the end of November is the next run for me. This is a run in the White Tank Mountains right outside of Phoenix. They have a few run options for this race: 4 mile, 6 mile, 7.4 mile, and 24 hours. Each of these options still tops out at about 100 miles but the degree of difficulty of the trails varies with the longest trail being the steepest. We are aiming for the 4 or 6 mile but we will go run the trails to see how difficult each one is before we choose. My diet has been steadily decreasing in calories to take off some of the weight I have put on since The Old Pueblo 50 and I have started to lift weights and do more core work in preparation. I have run a bit this summer but not in the last couple weeks. Next week I begin a new schedule along with hard core change in diet. I will go a couple weeks on a liquid diet with mainly water and Vega One (an all in one nutritional supplement that is basically a vegan Ensure) and I will begin to run and lift in earnest.
Here is my first two weeks of workouts.
Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

7/28/2014 rest 6 mi road Tempo 6 mi road 5 mi Walk strength/core 12 mi
8/4/2014 rest 6 mi road Interval 6 mi road 8 mi Walk strength/core 20 mi

This is the basic schedule for my entire schedule. My tempo run will be 6 miles with 1 mile easy/4 miles 8min/mi/1 mi easy. The interval run will be 2 miles easy/4 x 800m @4:00/2 miles easy. 800m walks in between each 800m rep. This probably sounds like a light workout but I am also running in heat (100-110 degrees each day) and humidity depending on the time of day. My goal here is to get the long and slow going to increase my glycogen stores. I am also working on speed so I might actually attempt to finish this race with a respectable time. My biggest challenge here is to get my head wrapped around continuing even when I am tired. My Saturday and Sunday workouts will evolve into back-to-back long runs as my schedule moves closer to race day. Not only will the weather be cooler, but I will also be in better shape for those runs. I will also be running some of those at night and finishing between 3 and 6 am so I can be acclimated to running at a time when I would normally be sleeping. In the past, I have been a bit of a night owl so I should be fine for this. I worked the overnight shift for years so I think this might be fun. Not sure I will think this after I have already run 50 miles that day, we will see. I will be using Nike+ to post my runs online and I will also be using my Garmin (until the thing dies for good) to help track my heart rate and my distances.
Meditation will continue to be a big part of my routine to keep me resting better and increase my focus.
Thank you for following along my journey. I think I would post more about my personal life but it seems that is not very interesting to people who read my blog. I have gotten most of my followers and responses when I post about fitness, nutrition, and running. Go figure.

More later,

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