Just a few randoms

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I know I have been gone awhile. Sorry. I have been hectic since the race. My life has been hectic too.

I have been quietly starting a book in my head about life and running.

I will finish that story about Old Pueblo and publish it soon.

Kids are on summer break so things are even more hectic around here. They start summer school Monday so it should be a little better.

I have not gotten a job yet. Seriously considering other options. I would like to make money online but the logistics and details escape me so I tend to not start. (ADHD kicking in)

My introvert has taken over recently (which is why I have not posted on the blog).

X was accepted into gifted preschool so both kids will be at the same school and on the same schedule in the fall.

That last statement sounds like bragging but it is more just happy that they will both be at the same place than going to the special class. 

I hope to get back into regular blogging because it does help organize and clear my thoughts

See you soon and with regularity (both kinds of regularity are always a good thing)




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