Saturdays 2013

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It has been an interesting year. My Saturdays have been spent tending to family needs. Getting about 500,000 cupfulls of apple juice. Tending to 750,000 gallons of tears. Giving out 3,000,000 tickles. Levelling out 100 timeouts. Filling the bathtub and washing 200,000 pounds of dirt, oil, and grime from two beautiful children.
Making 300 pounds of pasta. Washing every sheet and dish in the house each Saturday.
Watching more kids movies than I ever have. Watching box scores of the Sun Devils winning a lot and getting to a bowl game.
More than half of those days were spent without a paying job. This did not make any difference on Saturday because I have not worked a Saturday in over ten years.
I got less sleep on Saturdays but I did not do much so it really made no difference.
What did I do on Saturdays in 2013? Not much. 2014? These Saturdays will be relegated to rest because my long runs will culminate on Fridays. So, what will change on Saturdays? Not much.


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