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Well, the last 2 weeks have been all but a wash for training. Vacation, parent-teacher conferences, and just days off school have effectively erased any time I had to work out. I have to just continue my schedule for the 4 Months to a 4 Hour Marathon. I got in a couple of long runs that combined tempo and intervals so I got that into my routine. I have also increased my core/stretches circuit. I will publish the missing workout time as well as the schedule for this week.

I have been looking at Hal Higdon’s website. He has workouts for increasing speed at distance. I have already been incorporating some of the techniques he uses. The schedule is very similar to the 4 Hour but there is more running and he does not suggest cross-training unless you can find time to add it to one of the regular workouts. There are apps and great descriptions for why you are doing everything he includes in the workouts here. I really like this website.

Today I ran then came home to swim. I felt dizzy again after 100m or so. I swam another 60m and stopped. I think I am getting motion sickness. I do not generally get nauseated unless I push for 250m or more. The problem is, I was laid out for the rest of the day. I am not sure if I was just tired from lack of sleep for 3 straight nights, the water temperature, or it is an artifact of the swimming on my brain. I get motion sick when I play first person shooters and it is magnified when I am tired but I have only felt this when swimming recently. I have googled the topic and will look at some solutions. Drugs are not an option. Dramamine and other meds put you to sleep and I am not in the mood to drown. Other options suggest ginger and other types of supplements but the problem is not an upset stomach, it seems to be an vestibular canal problem. These canals have fluid in them and they keep us balanced. We get dizzy when the liquid is moving in one (or more) direction but the eyes are telling the brain that the body is not moving or is moving along a different plane (this is a simplified explanation). Nausea comes about (in theory) because the brain perceives there is some kind of toxin in the body and attempts to expel it.




spinning-child nausea-and-vomiting

I really hope this is something I can fix. I will not be able to do triathlons if this continues.

I am disappointed at losing a day to clean and do yard work. Tomorrow I go to the dentist and I am volunteering in my son’s class so I do not have much time to get in a good workout.

Sorry, this post is not very humorous but I still feel the effects of the motion sickness. I feel like I did when we went on our cruise for our honeymoon, very tired and I have a slight nagging headache (the kind that hangs out at the base of your skull and sets up shop all day).

Thank you to those that still read. I am grateful for you and your presence in my life.



One thought on “Swimming

    FreeRangeCow said:
    October 29, 2013 at 1:25 pm

    Sorry on your motion sickness. I have a lilting tummy, myself. But in all you wrote, I keyed in on the fact that you make time to volunteer at your kid’s school. That is pretty effing cool. As pulled as you feel, your checkers are landing in the right spots, first, if you ask me. ;oP

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