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Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the day….

The fifth thing…

I forgot to get my garage door opener out of my car. Not really a big deal until you read the rest of this story.

The sixth thing…

I went to get my son and then my daughter. I stopped to get a snack for The Dictator because I forgot to bring anything with me. That was smooth and went without a hitch. Then I got out my keys to start the car and noticed the lack of something in my pocket. Mind you, I thought about getting a ring or carabiner to attach my house key to the keys to the tank Yukon. I did not, of course. My house key was gone. I thought I had dropped it at Dictator’s school so we left to go check. Nothing. I thought I had possibly dropped it at Her Majesty’s school, so we went back there to check. Nothing. Meanwhile, my wife is heading home from work and her parents are headed to our house to watch the children during the conference. I did not find the key and everyone was at the house, so we went home. At least I could get in now.

The seventh thing…

We get to the school and when my wife closes the passenger door, the side mirror falls off the door. Of the rented tank. I thought these things were built to withstand falling off a cliff or something. Apparently this one could fall off a cliff but, closing the passenger door is too much to handle. This was right on the heels of Little Bit reaming me about getting the insurance from the rental agency.

The conference went well. No surprises since we are in contact with the teacher everyday anyway. We drove to the dealer to return the tank but that rental office had closed. Fortunately, there was another office down the street that was open for another 45 minutes. Good thing or I would have had to break out the duct tape. We traded the tank in for, get this, a larger one. This thing is more like an aircraft carrier on wheels or a portable bridge. Funny though, this one has a more responsive engine.


When we got home, my father in-law misplaced his keys and while we were looking for them, I had a hunch and looked in Dictator’s school bag. There was my house key. They said retrograde started today. I am here to testify. I should have stayed in bed today. At least I got in some meditating.



One thought on “2sday?

    FreeRangeCow said:
    October 23, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    Geez. Wednesday will be better! I KNOW it!

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