Tuesday? (Feels like Monday, or it would if I actually worked)

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The first thing…

On the way to take the kids to school today The Dictator decided to announce that he is going to marry mommy and Her Majesty is going to marry me. Her Majesty disagreed. She said she is going to marry The Dictator. After my first attempt to reply, I could not get into the conversation because it became a heated argument. The Dictator decided he had enough and proceeded to hit Her Majesty with the ruler he was holding. I was not exactly pleased with this so I pulled over to have him think about this so we could process the interaction. (I would go more into this topic but the interaction turned away from discussing a Class C felony an amusing one to the commission of a misdemeanor Her majesty screaming about her boo boo. I know, where are my priorities?)

The second thing…

I start to open the sliding door on my minivan and the handle comes off in my hand. *sigh* We did the whole time out/think time then process the whole thing. I proceeded to drop them both off and, instead of going about my day with a workout and then cleaning house, I went to the dealer to see what they can do.

The third thing…

I drive up and they are hellabusy. The salesman tells me it will take an hour just to get to the car to tell me what they can do. I wander around the dealer for an hour. It was nice. I had a couple conversations with salesmen before I settled down in a quiet place where I could watch Sportscenter. Shortly after I sat down, the service salesman comes and tells me it will cost $250 to fix the door. As we are talking I notice a bunch of other numbers on the estimate form. He said they did a standard 21 point inspection which is fine but often means $$$.

The fourth thing…

I need a tune up, no biggie, it will wait a bit. I need spark plugs but not urgently. The rotor arms are tearing. The number next to this item is what you would expect, unpleasant. Normally, this would be just something unpleasant, but not working makes this cost similar to buying a new house or needing a kidney transplant. I had to pull the trigger on this even though it felt like pulling a trigger.


I got a rental. A Yukon. Nice little tank. I could storm Kabul with this thing and still pick up a soccer team to go for pizza in the afternoon. It even came with the standard turret and 5 120mm rounds with an option for the 150mm gun on top. I really did not feel I needed that upgrade (although some of these suburban housewives seem to be driving vehicles straight out of Call of Duty) so I took the standard.



Now I am home. No time to go for my run so I will do some core and weights. Tonight we have parent-teacher conferences so I will do some cleaning because grandma and grandpa are coming to watch the kiddos. I need to go figure out what will be for dinner too.

I will publish my workout schedule for this week shortly. It is very different this week because my son has half-days Wednesday and Thursday and Friday off. I think I can get back to normal <del>whatever the hell that is</del>next week.

1 month to volunteer at IronMan AZ.

3 months to PF Chang’s.

5 months to Old Pueblo.



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