Month: August 2013

5 for Friday

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1. Calves have been hurting for days from doing squats with weights. Running has been really difficult because I thought I might have hurt myself that first day.

2. Got my professional license registration in today (it expires tomorrow). I am not actually using it but I figured it would be easier to keep it for awhile longer just in case.

3. Ran a bit on the treadmill this week and I am learning to extend my duration. I think it would be easier in a club than at home.

4. Writing (or even checking) for the blog is difficult without the iPad. I think I said this before, but it is worth reiteration. I might be able to get an iPad by the time they have the version 10 (the implant version).

5. Still looking for a job. Internet searches are rather silly. I fill out the application online. I wait and get nothing in response. I have no one to call because the application goes to the company not the store. I am not applying for CEO jobs. I am applying for grunt work. I am not demanding a salary or benefits. I am asking for an entry level job in a retail shop. Seriously, I have no way of getting feedback from these places to know if they even got my information. Some of these places are now even using CareerBuilder and other types of recruiting sites to organize and manage the applications. I just want to work a bit while my son is in school and I have no one to play with.

Thank you for reading and posting. Namaste



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I sit and stare
I wonder
“What is going on in there?”
The child gives an inquisitive smile
And exudes love to last a quadrillion miles.

I search my database for the file
What, in my experience, could possibly compare
What is this one thinking?
What is going on in there?


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Sitting at the mall (I guess they didn’t see us come in because they did not come up to clean as soon as the kids got their shoes off) and realizing I have been slacking way too much in the blog department. I knew that the lack of iPad would result in this. I apologize. I think I was also using the cathartic effects of the blog to help deal with a situation I was not satisfied with. I have since left that job. So has some of my motivation to keep blogging. I have other reasons to keep blogging and I am in the process of reorganizing the way I think about and approach this blog. I will continue to write about fitness, family, and food. Those are the most important things in my life. I love all the people I have met through their blogs and I  thoroughly enjoy reading about other people’s lives, loves, trials, and triumphs. I will continue to do so. For those that read my blog, please bear with me. I am in transition and I am trying to sort through my daily schedule to find a natural time to blog. It will come. Namaste.

Thankful Thursday

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I apologize (again) for not posting in awhile.

Today I am thankful for my life.

My children are wonderful.

My wife is beautiful, kind, patient, understanding, and loving.

I love my home and my neighborhood. I am grateful that I was able to send my son off to his first day of school today. He was great, just got in line and walked in. That is the easiest first day he has had in his short 5 years of life.

I am grateful to have been able to spend the day with my daughter by ourselves.

I am grateful for my friends. I am grateful for all of my readers.

I am grateful for having had the use of the iPad last year. I will have to concentrate harder to post here without it. Neither of my laptops is portable anymore, the batteries have the storage time of my short-term memory lately. This has become a bit more inconvenient but I am working on it. Nothing worth doing is easy at first, right?

I am grateful for the beginning of football tonight (I guess I can even be grateful that it is the Dolphins and Cowboys).

I am grateful for the weather lately. This is the first time I have ever actually sensed Fall at this time of year. I could actually smell it in the air this morning. I know Fall does not come for 5 more weeks but there was the distinctive scent of Autumn.

I am grateful for not working my last job anymore. I am finding more clarity and looking forward to getting up in the morning.

I hope to be posting with greater frequency soon.