Month: July 2013

Thankful Thursday

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I am feeling thankgul but not loquacious (or whatever the word is for the writing equivalent) today. I am thankful for my health and ability to run and make my body better.  I am thankful for all of you and your beautiful posts. I am thankful for my friends and family. Thank you all for who you are and I appreciate your presence in my life. I love you all. Namaste.

Mundane Monday

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This is a brief post. I have several posts to finish up from last week. We were on vacation and could only get Internet access sporadically. My goals for last month changed over the course of the month so I have to start again this month.
My life is heading into a transition right now so these might need some tweaking.

July goals (subject to change in the next couple days)
Run 3 days minimum per week (tempo, interval, and long slow distance)
Strength training and core training 4 days each week
Cross training 2 days per week
I will post my workouts
I will be making weekly menus for the family
At least one gratitude post each week.
40 minutes of meditation every day.

Thank you for reading.
Prayers go out to the families of the firemen here in Prescott. Prayers also go out to a friend who went to the ER a few hours ago.