Five for Friday 5 – Altitude

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The week after next I will be goining up to Sedona to do some altitude training. I am looking forward to it. It will be tough and tiring but I am pumped to be able to get that type of training under my belt. I have only run at altitude once before. The Guy Who Whines Like a Little Girl and I went up to Prescott a few years ago to drop his daughter off at a Girl Scout Camp and we ran while we waited. It was tiring to say the least. The altitude is not that much higher but we felt the difference within a half mile. The elevation of Sedona, AZ is 4,423 feet. The elevation of Prescott, AZ is 5,034 feet. The elevation of Scottsdale, AZ is 1,248 feet. So I will be going up about 3,200 feet. This is not as significant as Flagstaff (6,900 feet) but it is a start.

I might need to get some zero drop trail shoes though.

Altitude training, a new excuse for new shoes.


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