June 1st

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I have been able to use my Garmin. The problem is, it only works when it has been plugged in overnight. I doubt it will work for an entire marathon or ultra. Fortunately, this helps immensely with training.
I ran for 1 hour 11 mins last night. Not a long time or distance to run but I did it at 85% of my max heart rate. I was able to run the final 3/4 mile at 100% max HR. A little out of breath but not uncomfortable which suggests that either the heart monitor was not accurate or there is more to an accurate max heart rate than using your age as the baseline (HR= 220 – age). Seems like I should have a better max HR than someone who lives on the couch eating pizza, burgers, and beer. I will look it up.
I meditated yesterday and actually, most of the night since Her Highness decided that sleep was not for her (or me). She woke up a half hour after I went to bed and again 2 hours later (an hour after I was able to get back to bed). Somehow I had a feeling this was how the night was going to go, so I meditated and got plenty of rest in spite of my child’s transformation into a nocturnal animal.

I drank about 72 ounces of juice smoothie yesterday and ate a little hummus.

One day down, many more to look forward to. Thanks for reading!


One thought on “June 1st

    meditatingmummy said:
    June 3, 2013 at 6:04 am

    I read all your posts but have not had time to comment until today. I am on Summer break finally, well, er, my kids are, but it feels like I am too, we drive about 40 mins one way to school. It’s okay, worth it, I love the school.
    I’m still in the early stages of running. Only an hour once a week with my friend but I also run in my local neighborhood for about 20 mins uphill. My breathing is getting better, not quite there yet. I try to meditate everyday too, I wake up earlier than my troops to do so… Important to me
    My friend made hummus the other day and she mentioned tahini worked really well to make her hummus a little thick. I like that you make your own hummus too. I just started making my own chocolate and love it. The raw cacao butter is expensive but I can control the sugar and it is divine. Good luck with your training!

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