Five for Friday 1 – Blessyouteit

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I think today’s Five will be in 5 installments that way you can read one or all of the entries and it will not take as long or longer as you see fit.

When someone sneezes, people usually give a blessing to ward off evil spirits that could enter the temporary absense of one’s soul. ‘Bless you’ is what I have always said and my wife says ‘gesundheit.’ As one can imagine, this might be confusing for children. I would say one thing and their mother would say something else in response to the same action. Her Majesty reconciled this conundrum with the ease of a child of a couple of linguists.


Me: *sneeze*

Little Dictator: Bless You

Little Bit: Gesundheit

Her Majesty: Blessyouteit

I am impressed. She is a little linguist in training. A little wordsmith. She likes to play with music too. She will sit and make up songs to whatever is happening and this skill will be very useful. If she does not have a word for something, she makes one up. She is a brilliant little girl. But that is just the unbiased opinion of a professional linguist father talking.


One thought on “Five for Friday 1 – Blessyouteit

    ksbeth said:
    June 7, 2013 at 11:00 pm

    great solution and it takes a special skill set )

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