The end (or perhaps the beginning) is near

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Next week is the last week of work before summer. I have been carrying both a sleep debt and a physical rest debt for quite awhile now. My children have been watching more television than I would like but fearless than they could have. I have often found myself tuning out for an hour after work (and sometimes for an hour at work) just because. I am Not happy about my behavior, but it is what it is. I have not been cooking at any level above a grade school cafeteria worker (in Arizona, our cafeteria ‘cooks’ can only reheat, not actually season or use ingredients to prepare food). I have been working out a minimum amount to maintain my weight and a minimal amount of fitness. I forget to look things up I think about, I forget to even read my favorite blogs much less, blogs I have read very little. The most active I have been is the books I have listened to. I have several books I will get rand to blogging reviews about. The most recently finished is Ironic Mom‘s Don’t Lick the Minivan. The first thing people say about her is hilarious, but I want to say how much I identify with her and I loved all of her book, not just the funny parts.
I have learned a lot this year and most of it does not pertain to my job, actually, almost none. Tis is the first summer I will actually be able to be productive since my babies were born. This will be fun. More later when the cyclone dies down a bit.
Sending you Love and Light.


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