Month: May 2013

Wordless Wednesday

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Long and slow

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Officially, summer break began today. I do not count the long weekend that we would have had off anyway. I have begun more ernest workouts. Long slow runs at about 85% max heart rate will comprise most of my runs, Probably Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with Sunday being the easiest of the workouts making it an optional day to rest. Intervals twice each week morning on Tuesday and evening Thursday. Tempo runs Monday morning and Wednesday evening. Monday through Thursday will include a 30-60 minute run either in the morning or evening to get my body used to working out tired. I will do this regimen for a month. I will cut back after this to increase my core workouts again. I continue to juice and have a meal everyone in awhile. I have not eaten meat apart from tasting the food I make for my family for a long time now and I really do not miss it. The last couple weeks have seen less juicing and less workouts. With work over for a couple months, this can go back to normal and healthy. I have also increased my activity during the day at home. I have been engaging the children more and I have been doing a lot more housework. The yard is next. It currently looks like something from a Stephen King novel. I think people are expecting a rabid dog to come crashing through the door chasing an evil clown with creepy 70’s music playing in the background when they ring the doorbell. It should be fun though. Yard work is just a form of crosstraining anyway. This will be a fun summer. I hope to get the kids to the mall so I can read my blogs and post a lotthey can have some fun and go wild without destroying the house.

The end (or perhaps the beginning) is near

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Next week is the last week of work before summer. I have been carrying both a sleep debt and a physical rest debt for quite awhile now. My children have been watching more television than I would like but fearless than they could have. I have often found myself tuning out for an hour after work (and sometimes for an hour at work) just because. I am Not happy about my behavior, but it is what it is. I have not been cooking at any level above a grade school cafeteria worker (in Arizona, our cafeteria ‘cooks’ can only reheat, not actually season or use ingredients to prepare food). I have been working out a minimum amount to maintain my weight and a minimal amount of fitness. I forget to look things up I think about, I forget to even read my favorite blogs much less, blogs I have read very little. The most active I have been is the books I have listened to. I have several books I will get rand to blogging reviews about. The most recently finished is Ironic Mom‘s Don’t Lick the Minivan. The first thing people say about her is hilarious, but I want to say how much I identify with her and I loved all of her book, not just the funny parts.
I have learned a lot this year and most of it does not pertain to my job, actually, almost none. Tis is the first summer I will actually be able to be productive since my babies were born. This will be fun. More later when the cyclone dies down a bit.
Sending you Love and Light.

Mother’s Day

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Another Mother’s Day is here. I took the kids to get gifts for their mother a couple times. They actually had thoughts of what they wanted to get. The Dictator wanted to get her favorite, chocolate. Not exactly what she wants since she started losing weight, but who am I to turn down my 5 year old? Her Majesty wanted to get flowers. We do not really do flowers since we perceive them as wasted money. When you think about it, so chocolate. We also got one of those felt coloring posters that I will probably post at some point when it is colored. We went out this morning and got the flowers at a good price, which endears mommy more than the actual gifts. I then brought them home and made a batch of sugar cookie bars for my wife’s sister’s brunch and a batch of vegan sugar cookie dough. I had not made these before and they taste better than the ones made with butter and eggs. I used coconut oil instead of butter and added a bit more baking powder to substitute for the leavening power of eggs. I needed a little more flour but they came out great.
Pictures? Nope. I don’t ever remember to take the progress pictures. In fact, I don’t remember to take pictures until I am sitting and doing nothing (when there is no more food left).

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there. Mom is the most underrated yet revered role in the world. We have them and many are them yet until you have been one, you really do not appreciate the sacrifices a mother makes for her children. I appreciate my wife’s sacrifices for the security of our children. I appreciate that she wants to make those sacrifices. I send out love and wishes of a beautiful and peaceful Mother’s Day to anyone who is a mother. Thank you!


Sad day

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My Garmin died. It was fully charged. It went off on me so I restarted it. It went of again, three times. I will not be able to use it for training. Truly this is a sad day. I know this is nothing when compared to recent tragedy but it makes my life more difficult. I have been running naked during the time when I was not training seriously, but I am entering the time I am beginning serious training. Training for a ultra, a marathon and the beginnings of training for triathlon. I have been starting to pay attention to heart rate and my pace. This is really sad. I don’t think I have much more to say at the moment on this.