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I want to apologize to those that have nominated me for awards. I have not gotten to them (obviously) (is there a time limit on these?). I was going to get to them last night but other things I have been putting off got in the way like cleaning house so the mice and roaches do not move in and evict us. You think I kid but there are mice living in the neighborhood and they are just looking for any excuse to take up residence where food is readily available.
My goal for this weekend is to finish those awards. I am grateful for the nominations but life has really gotten in the way lately.
Holding steady at 175.
P90x has not started yet but I am still lifting weights and running. I have succeeded in changing my form to a forefoot strike and I feel it is faster for me. I am getting back into the groove cardio wise.

I love the minimalist shoes. I have always been more of a minimalist with my shoes anyway. I ran around without shoes when I was a kid and I rarely wear shoes now. Stronger feet is the key to where I want to go athletically and this is how I will get there.

I meditate over an hour each day. Not the best times but before sleep and when I wake up are when I manage it with my current schedule.

I have it been able to visit many blogs lately but I will catch up this weekend as well.

My kids are doing a Tryathalon this Sunday. Run, trike, swim. That will be really fun.

Thanks for reading! Love and light, namaste.

Are you struggling with any personal goals? Is your personal schedule constantly interrupted by external factors? How do you deal with it?


One thought on “Ugh

    ramanda429 said:
    April 12, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    I am pretty sure there is no time limit. If you recall I did several all at once and it worked out. 😀 glad everything is going well for you.

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