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It has been almost a week since I posted and this one is just a check-up. I have been 99% vegan. I taste my cooking for the family but I do not eat animal products as meals any more. I have been 99% juicing for meals for quite awhile now. I cannot even remember the last real meal I had. I think it was when I made ugali. Last night I made hummus and it was awesome. Way better than the stuff I have found in the stores. I would like to try it with peppers but I have to be careful because my wife is allergic to the whole nightshade family.
I have been running sporadically because I have been working on strengthening my core and changing my form. The picture of the huaraches indicates my nod to the barefoot/forefoot strike running form. I have been running about a mile to the high school track and running laps around the track sans shoes or socks. I have really noticed that my form is changing but I think another week or two will cement this and strengthen my calves and upper ankle for this form. My calves are mega tight and sore not only while I run but also the next day too. the recovery is better with the foam roller and the ITB roller I have been using. I will be wearing my compression pants when I run in the future, perhaps I need calf compression socks. I have been working on some goals for the future. I have mentioned the marathon next January and then the ultramarathon a month later but I have really been looking at possibly doing more ultras. I think I have the ability to do ultras. I might try for at least one more next year before I begin training in ernest for the triathlon.
I really feel that vegan is the way to go with all this. Not just for the health benefits, but also to decrease my footprint on the environment. We have been going to the farmers’ markets for the veggies and buying less processed foods.
One odd thing I have noticed since I started juicing is heightened sensitivity to salt. I am not wanting to eat the salty foods anymore. That is a start!


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