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Treadmills. Always hated them. I went to the rec center in college and ran on the treadmill because that is what you do in a rec center. I would run but I would get so bored that I (if there were no good looking women to stare at) would quit and go find something more interesting to do like picking lint off the carpet .
I have started training in ernest for the marathon/ultra/triathlon and the treadmill is integral to this program. Why? Training needs to increase in miles per week and running out of the house is not always feasible. Training in days per week needs to increase and I find that there are days/weeks when I am not able to go running. But I think the treadmill itself is integral to training for long races because one needs to get used to being bored but still performing. Even running with a friend, we would not be talking much during a race and we would be left to our own mental gymnastics. I am firmly good at dealing with long times of being left to myself for entertainment but in recent years, I have gotten used to having something to do constantly like online games and blogging. Heck, I will probably still be blogging, tweeting, or facebooking during those long races. I will still bring an iPod with music and audiobooks but I still think that keeping my mind on the race is the best course. In the past, I have focused on the numbers and monitoring my body during those long miles. I will still do this in these future races but those really long ones will tax my attention and I will need to get used to not doing anything for long periods.
Anyone out there run long races? What do you do to cope with the long down time?

Wordless Wednesday – Brown

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Versatile Blogger Award

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The Gothamite has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I am honored for the nomination and I honestly am not sure how to respond. I have seen a few of these responses so I will give it a go.

First, Thanks! I am grateful that you like what I read enough to put my name on the list.

The rules for the Versatile Blog Award are :

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State 7 things about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award.

5. Notify these bloggers of the nominations by linking back to one of their specific blog posts so they get notified back

7 things about me:

1. I sometimes read comic books (in my 40s).

2. I have lived all my life in Phoenix, Arizona.

3. I watch, and enjoy, Phineas and Ferb cartoons.

4. I work in a public school and, although I do not like the job, I love working with children.

5. WTH? are any of these things really about me? No, they are things about my life. Number 5? Coming up with 5 things to post on the Internet can be tricky. Maybe number 5 is that I tend to be a private person unless someone asks…

6. Related to the last one is that I have ADD.

7. I love blogging and I love even more the fact that people read the things I write and comment back.

Most of those I nominate probably already have this oth other awards but I find that they deserve the awards. I will try to nominate people who do not have this or the other awards I will be nominating but it gets hard because I like to think I don’t just sit and read a zillion blogs because I am bored have decent taste in the blogs I read 15 bloggers who I feel deserve this award:

Some of these are hilarious, some are informative, they are all entertaining and usually find a way to combine the three together making them extremely versatile.
The Jiggly Bits
Mommy Verbs
knocked over by a feather
Free Range Cow
Ironic Mom
Meditating Mummy’s Blog
Irish Katie
The Blonde Hair Blue Eyed Runner
Juicing and My Life
Beautifully Vegan
Miranda Runs
Balanced Fitness for Life
Sarah’s Brand New Chapter

This is by no means an exhaustive list but I am exhausted looking through all the blogs I like to find people to nominate. I want to say that I love every one of the blogs I follow. I love the bloggers and their blogs. I could have included a couple hundred blogs in this list and this is why it took me so log to finish this post. I had the top part written a couple weeks ago and I have been going through my list of blogs to choose 15 for this award nomination. I guess I took this seriously and personally in getting and giving this nomination.

Martin Richard

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My love and prayers go out to the Richard family.
Martin Richard was killed yesterday. His mom needed surgery and his 6 year-old sister lost a leg.

Again, I send prayers to the victims, survivors, aide personnel, and the bombers. We all need love and prayer. Call me an optimist, tree-hugger, hippie, whatever but, Perhaps if those that did this and other heinous acts received prayer and love, less of these events would happen.