My son discovers death

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Little Dictator: If someone cuts off my head, I wont be able to see.
Me: That is true. You would be dead.
LD: I wont be able to walk?
Me: nope
LD: I wont be able to move or anything?
Me: no, you will be dead.
LD: Forever?
Me: Yes
LD: That’s sad.

Yes it is. My son has gotten his first taste of death from an intellectual level. Seems rather deep for a 5 year-old but it has been a long time since I was five so, who knows? Maybe we all do that. This is the same kid who is currently giving my wife fits about who is going to wipe his butt (him or her). Maybe he was just channeling his inner philosopher who apparently got what he needed and went back to wherever the inner philosopher goes. Or perhaps he was just completing a lesson he started earlier when a friend told him something at school.
My lesson? Never underestimate the thoughts that run through the head of anyone, no matter the age. But also, never forget that it would be nice if I did not have to wipe my own butt all the time.


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