Juice Fast Day 3

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I started my juice-only stretch a couple days ago. I have kept it up apart from imbibing some hummus the first day to make room in my fridge at work for my juice bottles (hummus is basically created the same way I make my smoothies, ran through the blender, so no biggie).
This fast is for 7 days. I am supplementing with maca powder, chia, and spirulina for protein.

Day 1
Went really well. I can do this easy. I started making a morning smoothie to bring with me in lieu of the coffee I used to pick up on the way to work. I am not falling asleep anymore in the afternoon. I like the feeling of wakefulness that goes with the juice. Even before the juice, I felt good with vegan snacks.

Day 2
Lots of thoughts about eating foods because they might go bad. The good thing is, the whole wheat pita I have holds well for several weeks without losing freshness or growing mold. My automatic behavior at work has been to go for something to snack on and I had to catch myself a couple times. That stuff is gone now. I found that I needed to drink far more juice than I anticipated, about a gallon. I was not hungry late though. Each time I was hungry, I just drank more juice.

Day 3
About the same as yesterday. Some automatic thoughts about snacking or grabbing something solid to eat. They had the monthly birthday snacks in the lounge today. Homemade chocolate covered Oreos, muffins, doughnuts, the usual junk. I had no interest. I like this. I look forward to more of it.


One thought on “Juice Fast Day 3

    Storm said:
    March 1, 2013 at 6:19 am

    Good job. I would have had trouble with day three. I loooove sweets. I am on day one of a complete fast, but for the past two weeks I’ve been replacing 1-2 of my meals a day with juice, or all meals.

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