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I know, I know, I promised the juice recipes. I have them but I am at work and it is extremely busy today. I will get it today. I have noticed a lot of pictures on web sites but I have a hard time taking pictures. I forget or I do not remember until after the fact (usually after I have finished the drink :/). I am still getting used to writing the recipes down so give me a little time. I actually took pictures of one recipe I made awhile ago but never posed them because it was a lot more work than just writing the blog. A lot more changes in my life, but hey, what’s one more? I know all the reasons for adding pictures, I just need to adjust how I do things and slow down a bit. I really get into cooking and juicing and by the time I am done I need to hurry and feed the kids or rush off to work. (Excuses, I know) My paradigm for the way I cook and blog needs to shift, nothing more. I wish I could be as good as many of the other beautiful blogs out there, but I am working on it.


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