Valentine’s Day

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Tomorrow I begin P90X. I wanted to start tonight until I remembered that it is Valentine’s (Valentime’s if you are under 7 years old) Day. Starting this tonight would go over as well as if my daughter had been born on a day I ran in a marathon. My wife (LitlBit) would have thrown a fit.

LitlBit: I am in labor
Me on the phone somewhere in the middle of downtown Phoenix using a water cup to imitate static: You’re in what? Day care? I don’t think they are open today honey.
Litlbit not fooled because digital lines do not have static: GET YOUR ASS HERE NOW WE ARE HAVING THIS CHILD.
Me leaving the race and taking a cab to the hospital all smelly and sweaty. You get what you ask for.
Of course, this did not happen. We scheduled the delivery. I was not running at all during that time. And I like my wife so I probably would have cancelled the race beforehand anyway.

Valentine’s is the day when we are obligated to express our love to those we love.
To my friends, I love you all.

For my children, my son has already expressed an interest in giving Skittles to his class. I took this to mean that he wants Skittles. Of course, this might mean something else entirely. So we might have a screaming fit followed by storming off to his room claiming that he is no longer my daddy (his way of saying that I am no longer worthy of the title ‘Daddy’). My daughter is still stuck on her birthday, so she is constantly singing Happy Birthday to herself and expressing that she is going to have a party. I am guessing she will be happy/traumatized (it depends on the moment) with whatever she gets. She is getting Skittles too. I will be getting them cards. My daughter (The Little Queen) is enamored with the musical cards he grandmother gets for her. The things usually drive us crazy with music and voices that send spikes right into your brain and make you wish for the sweet release of an exploding head sit around the house for months until we find them laying around sans children in sight.

For my wife, that is between us. 😛

I hope you all have a lovely day. Know that my love for you extends beyond this silly day because love is not measured by the amount of money you give. It is something that transcends this silly physical world. It is immeasurable and timeless. I give love because there is nothing more precious and nothing else you can give that will ever run out. Love is all there is.


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