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Ok, break time is over. Time to get moving and working out regularly again. I have taken a break lately with my daughter’s birthday party. cleaning house was not too bad but trying to do it with a 3 year-old and an almost 5 year-old destroying it playfully creating messes as fast as you work. Sometimes it did feel like Sisyphus Indiana Jones and that damn boulder but I duct taped the kids in the hall closet for 2 days got it finished. I feel more comfortable being able to let some of it go so I can start focusing on working out and finding a shape less round than the tire that encircles my waist.
P90X is where I am going next. I will still run at least twice a week but I will follow up with P90X on those days. Endurance is the focus my runs are taking now. I will work on speed once a week if I can fit in a third running day. The short-term goal here is sub 3:30 marathon with Ironman in the fall of 2014. Ultraman looms in the distance like the prey in the forest I can’t see but I sense it’s presence.
Yoga has not been feasible to this point but it is not off the table yet. I will have to do it on my own for awhile until my wife is stronger and healthy enough so I can leave her on a regular basis. Week days are difficult because we all get home so late. I would like to see her go to yoga first because she needs something more drastic than just walking at home. She will engage that when she is ready.
My diet is primarily vegan. Meat is not part of my routine anymore. I do not avoid meat or dairy but I do not seek them out either. I don’t miss them. I am still cleansing my body but I am feeling effects. I do not need to eat as much right now because I have not been doing intense working out. My protein is easily obtained through various foods I eat and I even get a lot of my iron through pepitas (much more tasty than beef or chicken).
My mantras…
Food is Fuel

I am better today than I used to be

Love everyone

Thank you for reading. I love you all.


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