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I have found something new. This will take a little longer for me to achieve but I know this path is right for me. Ultraman. This is the peak of fitness. This is insane too. The great thing about anything worth doing is if it is insane. Insane things mean that they defy logic (well ‘traditional’ logic). Insane means that society generally frowns upon it. Insane means people do not believe you can do nor should you even attempt it. Ultraman is a double triathlon. Insane. 3 days, 320 insane miles or something like that. Another aspect of this is switching to vegan. Can’t be done
you say? Two words….Rich Roll. Look him up. He was a world class swimmer in college but he was derailed by alcoholism. 20 years later, he has an epiphany/mystical experience/midlife crisis however you want to phrase it, and he decides to get fit. After a DNF (did not finish) at his first marathon (my friend and I ran that one that same year) and triathlon, he decides the next logical step, Ultraman. He gets a coach and goes full bore into his diet removing as many processed foods as possible and he finished 11th in this 35 competitor event in Hawaii. He trained for 6 months for this event. Impressed? I am blown away. His next time, he won the first day of competition over guys who have won this event multiple times. He fell off his bike the second day and had to coast his bike for miles to get help, but he still finished 6th overall. Impressed yet? The next step? Epic 5 with his friend Jason Lester, an impressive athlete who does these races with only one arm. ‘Epic 5?‘ You ask? 5 Ironman runs in 5 days. He has only been doing this since 2009 so the story continues. You can read it in his book Finding Ultra and try his products at Jai Lifestyle I have yet to try the products but I am sold on the other changes.

The intriguing thing about his story is that he took insane to another level by going vegan to do it. VEGAN? you might ask. As in no animal protein. ‘But, you need protein to build muscle and repair tissue after workouts or you will get major fatigue and have to wait longer to work out again. Forget going for such a long race with only plant products, you can’t do it’ This is conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom be damned. Conventional wisdom also says you do not heal from cancer, you hit your children when they are out of line, and you can pick food off the ground within 3-5 seconds without any contamination. There are a lot of things we ‘know’ from conventional wisdom that are either never tried or never challenged.

I have attempted to go vegetarian in the past, but failed for one reason or another. Mostly because my wife has health issues and cooking for her is difficult enough without having to make two separate meals for us every night. Cost has always been a problem too. There is also the prevailing ‘wisdom’ that you cannot do endurance without animal protein. WRONG. Rich and others are now demonstrating that this is a fallacy. The availability of the many foods at places like Sprouts and Whole Foods (and increasingly at many of the major grocery chains) as well as buying bulk online has made many more foods that contain the ‘missing’ ingredients necessary to maintain a vegan diet and remain an athlete. This is a journey I am looking forward to traveling and I welcome anyone who is willing to take the plunge and join me. I am excited at the prospect of feeling better and performing better than I ever have.
Insane? Yep. 🙂


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