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This is probably the last child’s birthday party we will be throwing for the adults. The last easy child’s party. My son’s party will be his 5th birthday which necessitates inviting his friends and less of mine. Easier on my friends but not on me. The work leading up to it is monumental and it is generally over at 2-3 hours (in a few years that changes to a lot longer and even more work during the party but I will cross that bridge then). Yesterday went well thanks to my in-laws bringing the food and the house not needing a complete gutting just to be presentable. Our overall level of clutter has decreased in the last few months, so no need to call Hoarders anymore. I even got the bathroom painted because I stayed home with my son and his fever on Thursday and Friday (teething, no biggie but we did not solve that puzzle until Friday afternoon).
I enjoy seeing friends and family and there were not that many people so I actually found time to talk with people. Surprisingly, my nieces were able to come. This is a rare occurrence and far more rare since their parents divorced. I love seeing them. This was a very relaxing day. I actually got to talk to everyone at the party. I am usually running around trying to finish some food-related task or get something wrapped or even finish cleaning something. The night before I still ran into my usual apathetic shutdown but it was way better because I did not have as much to do. I better understand why people hire caterers or rent space at one of these party places for kids’ parties. I would still rather have the parties at our house, but delegating some of the work and, more importantly, keeping my house organized will make having parties worthwhile.

*This was not one of the entries I had unfinished in the last couple weeks. I am getting to those.*


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