Viitamin B

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I felt that it was time to move to a new level so I started looking at vitamins again. As I have stated in previous posts, I have studied nutrition quite a lot in my life. So taking vitamins is nothing new to me. The thing is, every time I go back to taking them, I learn something new. In fact, I often have to relearn about many of them because research has revealed new information about their effects on the body and fitness. This time, I was at the store and they had vitamins of a specific brand at half price. I got a B-Complex. On a whim, I took 2 of them when I got home. WHAT WAS I THINKING? Well, I have only gotten my Bs from food and a multi I have been taking. I have had low energy lately and I think it might have helped. Looking at the nutrition info panel revealed that the contents ranged from 100%-170% of the various B vitamins in a single pill. I was fine for a couple hours then suddenly, it was like I got an espresso x10. I had a ton of energy. I normally just go to bed after the kids go to sleep late. At about 10:30 pm I decided to cook off the naan dough I had started proofing earlier that night. I went nuts, I was up until 12:30. I do not like to do this because the kids get up at all hours (my daughter woke up an hour after I lay down). I thought this reaction was to the salad I ate (no carbs) or to the fact that this was an interesting recipe I wanted to try. I tried it again the next night. same thing. I woke up after they went to sleep rather than being worn out. I could feel some physical fatigue but I was mentally aware. These can be fun times when I am interacting with people. Fortunately I was not. I became creative and driven to produce. I hope this was not an artifact of low B vitamin levels in my body. If this was real, I am happy to find something to use instead of caffeine.


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