New Blog – First Entry

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*This was my first blog entry written in July 2010 but never got posted because I was still thinking too much before acting back then. Things have changed a little but the direction of my blog remains the same. I will be going through the P90X system as my next step of fitness.*

Another person spouting his ideas and thought all over the Internet. I will be focusing on series of blogs on activities in my personal life. One will be a daily blog of my journey through the P90x system as I attempt to get myself back into shape for running marathons. The second will be cooking my way around the world and exploring culinary techniques of different cultures. There will be more but I will leave those ideas and plans for another time (not being aloof about this, I just cannot remember what they are at this time).

I lead a very hectic life right now with 2 children under the age of 3 so I am looking for a medium to express myself and perhaps maintain a little sanity. The name of my blog reflects my generation as I am a member of Generation X or the 13 Generation (I like this one. 13th generation from the founding of America, according to Nick Howe) as we have also been referred to. Really, ours is sandwiched in between the Boomers and the Millenial generations. Two rather selfish generations who seem to demand and get a good majority of what they want. I was raised on the ideals of the Boomers and still espouse a lot of their beliefs but us 13ers had to be more realistic in implementing them. We are a group of do-it-yourself people and a whole lot of optimism who are expected to pick up a lot of the pieces left by the Boomers and their parents (The Greatest Generation). A lot of prevailing opinion is that we need to set things up for the Millenials because their overmaterialistic nature combined with attention spans shorter than the average text message is not the ideal recipe for succes should some of the world problems be left to them to fix.


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