Half Marathon

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This weekend marks almost 7 years of running. I mark this because I am not sure when I started training for my first marathon (I think it was March). I started very slow and continued to be slow because I gave myself a lot of lame excuses (which seemed logical to me at the time) like: I do not want to injure myself, I do not want to push too hard and overtrain, I do not want to train too much or I might burn out, it is too hot, it is too cold, I do not want to run in the rain, I only have (insert amount of time here), and many more logical excuses that my vast reading on the subject allowed me to logically view as ‘reasons’ no to run. As a result, I ran 2-3 times a week and did not do any other training. It is too bad because I would have actually felt better about the whole experience and I might have been able to bring myself to start again sooner. The accumulation of these excuses led to the last few years of excuses to not train. This led to excuses to not do much else in my life. The house was cleaned only when we were having company; my car was often not cleaned even when a guest was riding; the yard is let go (that continues to be a challenge); I missed several bulk pick up days; the house is so cluttered in some rooms that you might have a case for Hoarders to pay us a visit; the garage looks like the contents of 10 yard sales crammed into the space for a small apartment; blaming my environment for not being able to accomplish what I want. Changing behaviors has been slow but it is happening. I started with my self. That allowed me to shape my body. Now, I move to the next stage of shaping my body to a level beyond where I was before my son was born. I also am ready to begin changing my environment. I am ready to clear out the rest of the clutter. I am ready to bring more of my self to the present. Our goal for the race is set at 1:40 but more likely we will be around 2:10-2:20. I am optimistic after running 10 miles in the mountains in 2:30 last weekend and nearly sprinting the final half mile or so. I love you all. Thank you for sharing this journey with me.


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