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I went back to work yesterday after 2 weeks off. I got to play with my children, clean the house a bit, organize the garage a bit, and actually feel productive through all of it. I think a great accomplishment was blogging as much as I did. I like to create but, in recent years, I have not done much creation apart from my beautiful children and other little creations that did not really add up to much. Blogging feels good because I am able to just bring parts of my self together. I find that I bring my self into now when I blog. This form of expression is liberating. I have always been one to write but I never found that I could do it when life took me in too many directions at once. When I was in college, I found that I read a lot more books and wrote a lot more than was related to school itself, even when I was in grad school. I enjoy being busy but I find that time for developing my spirit dissipates quickly when I work 40-50 hours each week. I can still manage to meditate here and there but not as much nor as properly as I think is effective. I am saddened by returning to work because I feel that I have really started to get into a groove with this. I know I am still exploring and trying to find a style but, that is the fun part. I do not mind the feeling that I should post and entry because I know some people are expecting an entry. Normally, that would actually turn me off from wanting to post. I welcome it even though I do not post for the benefit of others. I do not write because I need to know what other people think. I post because it enriches my experience here in “Earth School” as Caroline Myss puts it. I do it for me. I am appreciative when people like and comment on what I write. I welcome their comments. But I do not need the comments to continue. I will continue to write even if I am the only one who reads these (I don’t even read them after they are written to be honest). All that being said….
Thank you all for reading what I write. I appreciate you and I am grateful for your comments. I love you and look forward to more comments (if this post did not piss you off enough to unlike this blog. If it did, I wish you happiness in all you do and a healthy life).


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