Fitness 2013

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New year, new goals. Actually, they are the same goals but they are being updated. I have maintained my weight. I am now stable in a weekly routine. I do not do the same thing each day (Mondays- run; Tuesdays- weights, etc.) but I do run 3-4 times each week with tempo worked into them. I do lift weights with cardio built in. I do have workouts 5 times a week that focus on core strength. I also work in flexibility each day. My personal schedule is overall stable but each night can vary depending on the family’s needs. Each week can vary as well which may delay or cause cancellation of an entire week worth of workouts. I can usually still manage to work in something late at night once everyone is in bed.
A week and a half until PF Chang’s half. Louis wants to do 100 minutes. I have been averaging 10 minute miles so far, but we will see.
Diet is stable. I am minimizing sugar to 30g per day. I am mostly staying away from wheat and dairy. I have 1-2 salads daily as the only component of a meal. I do not eat much at work anymore. I drink some coffee in the morning with no sugar and nondairy creamer in it. I finish the coffee by the time I arrive at work. I balance out the dehydrating effects with 2 liters of water by noon. I have no other caffeine once I get to work. I also brush my teeth once there because I know it can discolor them. I take calcium supplements to enhance recovery from weights and the pounding of the running. I also take the calcium because coffee can contribute to decreased bone density. The main reason for the coffee is that I lose so much energy in the afternoon that I will sometimes eat thinking that my blood sugar is low. This is a difficult cycle to have considering that I need high energy while working with little ones.
Looks like this will be a great year all the way around! Looking forward to the changes!


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