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I found a wonderful app called Snapguide. In a term, this app can turn a person into Martha Stewart. This app details how to do things. Everything from crafts, to food, to how to entertain yourself on a road trip (for/from kids in the back seat) Since I am generally focused on food, I naturally went to the area for food preparation. Watching shows like The next Food Network Star have taught me how little I actually know about cooking. I remember the first day of each season thinking “I could go on this show. I know how to cook.” Then I remember watching Morimoto, the Iron Chef, rip the newcomers to shreds because their knife skills were equivalent to Edward Scissorhands with arthritis and dystonia (a neuromuscular disorder). Ok, they were not that bad, but by a gourmet chef’s standards, they were pretty green. I realized that I knew nothing about cooking, well, cooking techniques. I was pretty good at desserts but, savory foods, not so much. This brings me back to the app of conversation, Snapguide. This is a visual tour of the steps do perform tasks including: Making Bubble Pizza from biscuits and hamburger, a simple Sugared Apple, a simple pasta technique and I have been wanting to try the salt crusted fish ever since watching the original Iron Chef show where they made one nearly every week.. These are not complicated recipes or techniques but I am no longer able to spend a lot of time researching and testing techniques like I did pre-children or pre-marriage. Having the Food Network available is ok but there are problems with commercials, remembering to record the shows that demonstrate the useful techniques, and just trying to cook while watching TV are all far more difficult than having the iPad or my laptop right next to me. There are a wide variety of topics and projects demonstrated in Snapguide that go beyond food. You can learn how to make a rug out of rags, cork planters, and the ever popular making fake poop.
Not all the tutorials are all that informative but the vast majority I have seen are. The food ones and the creative craft ones are as well. I look forward to playing with this app. There are tons of tutorials I have yet to explore.


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