Year End Prayer of Gratitude

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I release all that has occurred in the past. I accept all that comes in the future. I allow and adapt to every moment permitting Heaven to guide and direct my life for God and Heaven can perceive my life better than I can. When I feel frustrated, I am reminded that there is a lesson to be learned. When I feel happy, I am reminded that God/Soul/Spirit are being felt consciously. When I am sad, I am reminded that God/Spirit/Soul are being felt consciously as well. Joy is always there but I know that I need to detach from it occasionally because that is the way of the physical world (this is a limited perspective but we can leave it like that for now). I experience Grace when I let go and allow (which is not often enough) and I release Grace to those who really find it difficult to experience it. I love and give with nothing more than all I have and receive. I receive with all I am. I am grateful for the ability to love. I am grateful for The Grace I am given. I am grateful for being able to transmit this Grace to others. I am grateful for You. I Love You and always will. Thank You for being in my life. Thank You to those that give and Thank You to those that receive.


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