Weight Loss

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Here I end this series of entries. I am maintaining my weight between 175 and 180 pounds. I have been able to maintain my diet appropriately to keep the weight off. My goal of 30 pounds is not complete but now I will be focusing on fitness, cardio and strength to prepare for the race and Tough Mudder. I am currently stable with kcals at 1300-1500 each day. I have cut sugar down to 25-30g per day. I have been able to incorporate running, weight training, and cardio weights into a daily/weekly routine. The challenge remains to increase meditation to more than once every day. I meditate at least once a day but 40 minutes daily needs to be the nonnegotiable goal. I do other types of meditation but sutra and mantra meditation is the main focus.

I think the greatest success here is the completion of 3 months of discipline. I have mentioned before that 3 months of exercise is what is needed to create change. This goes for behavior as well. I feel a change has been made. This change in behavior is creating a change in spirit and attitude. Laziness is manufactured through continuing behavior and eventually becomes a way of life. I still feel the pull to let myself off the hook a lot of the time but it gets harder every time I follow through on one of my daily goals. Particularly when the arguments are logical and sound. Heaven, soul, spirit mandate are not logical. Neither will be my obeisance of those mandates. I hurt my shoulder sleeping on it wrong and I can easily make the argument for not lifting weights. I will modify my workout but I will not deviate from continuing my plan. It is close to freezing outside and has been raining but I will not let that stop me from my plan. Thee are time when I choose other activities over a workout. I own this and do not justify why. Justification is nothing more than trying to convince my spirit that something is more important. These types of sophistry are my old behaviors. I take responsibility for my choices even if I am only breaking my own promises and rules for myself. Those are the only real promises that matter. Those are the only real places where I need to devote my personal energy. I let go of external controls for my behavior. I release the past and all the places in my personal history where I have devoted energy that takes away from present experience.

Thank You for joining me in this, my first steps of the journey. To be continued…


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