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So we are supposed to make resolutions as the year ends so we can make the next one better and we can better ourselves. I agree with the concept. We should always strive to become better than we once were. Rather, I agree that I want to make myself more in alignment with what I see as possible for my self. I have deviated from what I perceive is the true manifestation of my soul in the physical world. Events and rituals allow people to make changes and transitions that every day life do not. We pull out of our daily routine like a train pulling into the station and can change to other tracks that are full of possibilities that we might not notice while riding the tracks of the usual daily life. I am one who tends to sleep through a lot of my day. It is no secret that my job is mostly boring, tedious paperwork and other tasks that I find about as challenging as watching the sun rise but far less rewarding. I know that this is the experience for many people. This is why ritual has such an important place in society, it always has served this purpose. Holidays are intended to bring us closer to the divine through unique experiences with family, friends, and the community. Rituals are there to remind us the importance of family, discipline, and tradition. Resolutions are a yearly ritual that many do not take very seriously. The media often exploits this ritual as a funny bit on the news or an episode of a sitcom (I bet every sitcom that lasts longer than half a season has at least one resolution episode). The failure rate of resolutions is related to this lackadaisical, if not comical attitude toward them. You can look at it from a psychological perspective or a spiritual perspective. Either way, when you break promises, it is bad. Well, maybe not bad in the grand scheme, but you will continue to be unsuccessful when you continually show your mind/spirit that you do not live up to your word.

Solution? Make the resolution and stick to it.

To be continued… (the kids are demanding attention and I made my resolution before they wee born to play with them as much as possible).


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