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Up at 5:30 this morning (actually before the kids). Gave presents. Made gingerbread pancakes. Spent the rest of the morning playing and cleaning. Crockpot mac & cheese percolating. Over at the in-laws to pick up a TV. All nice memories. Sounds of children laughing and playing all day…the stuff life is made of. The holidays are about togetherness and family. Chanukah is about the celebration of light and miracles. Christmas is a celebration of the miracle of birth and rebirth. We are now beginning the celebration of Kwanzaa, the celebration of community. The family is our first community and is the model for the larger community. When we take the time to put life into the family, the larger community can not help but benefit. As always, I thank you for being part of my life, my family, my community. I love you all for who you are.


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