Holiday Fun

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Today we made a gingerbread house. It was messy, sugary, loud and fun. Sometimes I had to watch myself as I worked and played because I was doing my part but sometimes a little one would decide that the way I was doing it was not good enough. My ego/perfectionist wanted to finish what I was doing and my ‘self’ would remind me that we were having fun and the ego needed to go sit in the cage I constructed for it in the corner of my mind. I was not always like this but since I started working with children with learning disorders, I feel like I need to help them learn. They were learning. I am used to working with children 2-3 times their age who can not follow 1-2 step directions and who would have found the chaos of this activity way too overwhelming. I was able to keep all those thoughts to myself and had fun. I let them do what they wanted (even my wife) and the house looks great. I love learning from and with my children. I love creating with them and I am grateful for their beautiful light in my life. Thank you for reading these words and sharing this experience with me. I love you and send you blessings and light.




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