Weight Loss Day 82

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Well here we are in the Age of Aquarius. Feels about the same as the Piscean age but it is still early. Much like a new year, the flavor takes awhile to notice because the flavors of the previous time are still lingering. Anyway, I am maintaining weight at 78 pounds because I have had to take time off for family and holiday obligations. My wife has been having adverse reactions to the change in weather (a cold front moved in and a lot more fireplaces have been in use). She also holds stress in her body and work is usually stressful for her at this time of year. We just finished Chanukah and that was a very hectic time for us. Dinner the first night at my sister-in-law’s house then dinner plus lights plus presents for eight straight nights leaves not much wiggle room for anything else. I managed to fit in some weights and Wii time but not much running in the last few weeks. We are a month away from the half marathon. Our goal time is 1:40. I have been focusing on speed and tempo runs. I feel really good about them. I am getting 10 minute mile times currently running up to 6 miles with 1-1.5 mile warm-up. I have only been able to manage a long of 8 miles so far. I know I could go farther which is promising so I feel confident about focusing on the speed. I am not sure about the 1:40 time but I am still working on it. What I do know is that next year we will have a qualifying time and will be going to the Boston barring any other unseen challenges. I still work in at least one salad a day and most days I have 2 salads with 3-4 ounces of protein. Snacks involve gluten-free items such as nuts or corn chips. Still taking vitamins and glucosamine and getting most essential oils from food sources. Waist size is now down more than 2 inches. I have not been under a 34 since before we got married. I will be making the push for the next 15 pounds with increased weights and movement exercises. Core exercises have gotten easier. I have been doing pull-ups and other exercises taken from yoga and Pilates to define and strengthen my core. These have been key to increasing my run times and comfort while running. When I ran before the babies, I was in pain most of the time while I was running or for days after I ran. This is probably why I often let myself slide on running. Back pain was the most frequent offender for me. I still have the pain at time after weights but this is getting less frequent as I strengthen my core and my back. I am grateful for the ability to figure this out. I am grateful that I can share my plan and thoughts through this blog and use the iPad to do it. I am grateful for the comments from everyone who reads these words and that I can help anyone who gains insight from my experiences. I am grateful for my friends and family. I am grateful for every breath I take and give. I am grateful for my life and the ability to make all the choices I make. Thank you for who you are I love you all.


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