Month: November 2012

Weight Loss Weigh-In

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I lost 3 more pounds as of this morning. My total weight loss now is 13.4 pounds. Seems like my temperature has gone up at times either through a fever or increased metabolism. This has created a catabolic effect causing me to burn more kcals. It is good in this case. Something similar happens with certain disease processes like cancer where a person has a low-grade fever. The have increase the person’s kcal input otherwise the person wastes away. This is often put off as part of the treatment, but it is also from a fever that is not noticeable or is perceived as not dangerous. I have plenty to waste away at this point. I am almost halfway to my goal of 30 pounds. The next 17 pounds can be difficult but I am increasing my exercise and increasing the diversity of exercises to engage different muscle groups and more core work. P90X and yoga are a big part of that.

I went swimming this morning and is was awesome! I love swimming in cold water. Some might not consider that water ‘cold’ but compared to the water in August, this should have ice floating in it. As part of my increased discipline, I am swimming or taking a cold shower each day. Neither hurts me but either gets me in the proper mindset to do these exercises simply because I must. The goal is often easy, a race, but if there is no race scheduled right after, then there seems to be no obvious reason to train. Training must become the goal. The ultimate goal must be discipline. This is why I incorporate meditation into these entries. Meditation is a practice that seemingly has no place in all this but it is the most crucial. As I have mentioned in at least one previous entry. That being said, to establish and maintain a meditation routine is probably the most difficult and requires the highest discipline.

SO far, I believe I have disciplined (taught) myself to stop eating casually and constantly (again). I have disciplined myself to some type of exercise every day (no matter how I feel). I have disciplined myself to join in whatever nutso race my friends want to participate in. This is going to be a fun ride be sure to strap in and keep your hands in the vehicle, they have barbed wire and fire.


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I am getting tired of this illness. I have been doing weights and some cardio at home but not running. Every time I finish working out, I go into a coughing fit. Tonight, I got chills again. Earlier today, I lay down on my son’s bed while he and his sister were playing his room. When I got up, I realized I was sweating so much, my back and the sheet were soaked. I did not feel a fever and it was over by the time I got up. I am not sure if running in the cold is a good idea with this hanging around. A hospital stay would surely prohibit my participation in the Rugged Maniac in less than 2 weeks. Realistically, I could probably run with minimal consequences (apart from coughing up all the particulates I inhale) but why take the chance? I am rather frustrated but I accept that I need to prioritize. being sicker would hurt my family immensely. My wife is now sick and the same symptoms are far more devastating for her. That fact takes precedence for me over running.

A whole lot of complaining I guess but I am going to persevere. I have lost more weight. I am 10 or 11 pounds down now from the first day of all this, so I am pleased. I am pleased that I have kept this whole project going for this long. I am grateful that I have been able to do so. I have a coupon for 10 yoga classes I need to redeem by December so I hope to use those at some point soon. My inflexible body needs to loosen up and release more toxins I guess. This illness is an indication of that. I also have The P90X system I can start but I am so out of shape, I think it will need to be P270X.

I am looking forward to the coming days/year. I get stronger and lighter every day. I will be the phoenix rising from the ashes and stronger than I was before. This illness is part of that rebirth and I will shed this like removing a coat and continue on to run marathons and train for triathlons. This is only the beginning. Sometimes the most difficult steps are the ones you take are right outside your front door. I am fully in the present moment and I see the illness and more things in my life from less literal perspective and far more symbolic. This helps me gain on my previously self-defeating or self-enabling attitude.

Weight Loss Day 31-33

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Diet has stayed the same. Less than 1300 kcals and 25g sugar. The illness has actually decreased my kcals for a couple days but I had a little bit for dinner.

Exercise nothing. Coughing fits have stopped me from doing anything strenuous since Wednesday. I ran Wednesday morning but nothing since.

30-45 minutes each day


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Most of the soreness and hypersensitivity have gone away. I did not eat hardly anything yesterday because my throat was so raw from coughing. I think my metabolism has increased because I do not feel ill effects when I miss a meal. I think that this bout of ‘illness’ has really helped clear some toxins from my body. I did some research about compression and health and nothing seems to indicate that wearing compression bodywear increases or decreases health. There is mixed evidence that compression can help with recovery from longer term exercise such as triathlons and marathons. There is also evidence that people with certain health conditions can benefit from compression stockings or other garments. I wonder if my lymph system was stimulated to flush by the added compression of the suit. I will have to try this as an experiment now and report back with some results.

Weight Loss Days 27-30

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Day 27
Today I started running in the morning. I always knew there was a reason why the kids were getting up at 4 in the morning, to condition me to get up on my own at that time. Before my son was born, I was getting up at 5 every morning to go running. After my children were born, I stopped running to take care of them and my wife. I got my son up every 4 hours for the first 4 months and after that he decided to get up on his own in the middle of the night but he did not start that until summer was over. He slept 12 hours a day over that summer. After my daughter was born, everything turned upside down. I did the same feed every 4 hours day and night but she did not always go back to sleep like he did. As she got older, she was waking up every night sometimes a few times. I did not get 4 continuous hours of sleep for over a year and a half. Sleep has reentered our lives slowly over the last year and now both children are considerate enough to usually sleep until 5.
During the time when they were putting me through the ringer in the battle for sleep, I had a feeling there was some reason for why this was happening. (Not just because this is what children do. I know they do.) I had a feeling that I needed to be getting up at that time. all my life I have bee waking up at night to get a drink of water. Usually 3:12. Not sure why that time specifically but that is the time I noticed most when I got up. In recent years, it has been 4:20. Even when the kids would ‘sleep in’ I would wake at that time. It was not because the kids had conditioned me to that because I would wake at that time even when they had been sleeping well for a week. I have always enjoyed getting up in the wee hours of the morning. I delivered papers (back when kids were doing the grunt work) and had to get up early. I enjoy being up when the sun rises and I am almost sad when it finally comes up because the quietude is over.

I guess I am part vampire or something.

What does all this have to do with running? I wake now between 4 and 4:30 without an alarm. When I was getting up to run before the kids, I slept in another room so I would not wake my wife with the alarm or my rustling to get ready. Not only do I wake at that time but, I get up at that time and I do not lie in bed like I used to. I am alert because I woke on my own and not to some artificial stimulus. I enjoy my run better and I feel exhilaration at being able to do all of this without the pain I used to go through when I was training for marathons.


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I wore a full body suit for Halloween. When I took it off, I got chills began coughing and my entire body was ultra sensitive. My entire body was in pain. I felt like I had run a marathon or got hit by a car. This has continued into today. I am wondering if the compression of the suit caused my body to start flushing toxins. The 2 hours of compression may have put pressure on all of my lymph areas. This is a major setback for my training though. I can barely walk much less run or anything else. 2 weeks until Rugged Maniac. I will do my best.